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Relic Seekers Comes New to Ruby Fortune

Ruby Fortune Casino: Lara Croft: Relic Seekers Source: Microgaming Lara who? Indiana who? If you find yourself asking these questions, odds are you’ve played Relic Seekers, a brand new online slot game from Pulse 8 Studios, new kids on the block who under the guiding hand of Microgaming, have made an incredible decent entry. Adventure has a new name! Well, actually, adventure has three new names and they are Freeman, Nora and Morgan, and that’s not a coincidence! The public has always had a hankering for adventure. Every decade has seen the release of films, books or video games dealing with what would become an icon of the adventure genre. There’s a reason Lara Croft and Indiana Jones was made mentioned of at the start of this review. In the aughts we saw the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and before that in the 90s such hits like Jurassic Park and The Matrix. In the 1980s it was Dr (Indiana) Jones himself. Adventure is a theme most craved by us as a species as can also be seen in online slots games like Tomb Raider™, Jungle Jim and Adventure Palace to name but some.

So, who exactly is Pulse 8?

Alright, before we start talking about Studio 8, it’s important to mention that they are fresh-faced and that Relic Seekers is their “4th studio album”. However, just like any talented band in its infancy, success rests on the talents of the producer of that “album.” In the case of Pulse 8, that producer is Microgaming and thus a collective sigh of relief can be exhaled.

Delve into the Dragon’s Tomb

If a phrase like that isn’t enough to rev the excite-o-meter, then we’re not sure what will! Pulse 8 have gone ahead and crafted a storyline of exhilaration and created characters with unique personalities. Each character isn’t just here to show his or her face, but to give the player more ways to win. The entire symbol system has been given a relevant and innovative overhaul to fit in with the fantasy adventure theme and storyline that Pulse 8 has created. The three main characters on the quest are sure to appeal to a wide audience by way of gender and age. The rest of the symbols are all modelled on mythological concepts of an Eastern origin.

Relic Seeker Features

For a bunch of first-timers, Pulse 8 have tackled the task with some serious ambition. This is most obvious in the amount of win-enhancers that the company have gifted this casino game with. The goal of this game is to journey through the ancient tomb of the Dragon’s Vein with the three characters to seek out the ultimate treasure. Getting there won’t be easy, but then again, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey! Mechanical traps and all kinds of adventure staples will come into being on 5 reels, 3 rows and 25 fixed paylines. All in all, Relic Seeker features include:
  • Rolling Reels™
  • Symbol Turn Wild
  • Free Spins
  • Collect Key
  • Free Spins Retrigger
What does it all mean, you might ask, especially if this is all new to you. So let’s review some of these nifty little features. Rolling Reels refers to the process whereby a win is achieved and then those symbols that gave you the win, only they disappear and are replaced by new ones.  It’s a very novel way to get a chance to score an extra win at no extra cost! Symbol Turn Wild occurs when you achieve 2 wins in a row. This means that after having won twice, you have a chance win three times. Free Spins are activated by the three or more Scatter symbols. This task is fulfilled by the dog, Mortas, a capable looking Alsatian and in the feature itself, if you collect all 6 keys, all your wins are multiplied by 2. More Free Spins are sure to come your way if you land more Scatter symbols.

Seek your Treasure at Ruby Fortune

What better a way to seek out your share of winning possibilities than by playing Relic Seeker at Ruby Fortune? Since 2002 this digital establishment has been offering up high-class entertainment along with a host of fantastic amenities sure to put a smile on any player’s face! It is time to combine your love of online slot games like Relic Fortune with your love of extra credits! That’s right gambling devotees! If it’s your first time at Ruby Fortune, there are extra credits in store for you in the form of a deposit bonus! This hefty bonus represents what could just be the start of your time with Ruby Fortune, an online casino that understands the value of loyalty. More awaits those who join and play for real.
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