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The Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Games

In the world of online gambling, live dealer casino games are designed to fill the gap between fully electronic games and land-based casino games. Today more and more people prefer to gamble online rather than drive to their nearest land-based casino. With standard electronic games not providing enough realism, live dealer casino games have stepped in to provide a more realistic experience where players can interact with real dealers and play at real tables. While many players fully support the concept, others feel that live games don’t quite live up to their reputation. We take a look at some of the pros and cons of playing live dealer games online.


For most players, the biggest advantage of playing live dealer games is the accuracy of the results. As opposed to random number generator games, live dealer games use real cards and real roulette tables to produce all the gaming results. Players can also keep track of what is going on at all time. Because the dealer and the table are always in focus at all time, players can accurately follow the roulette ball or cards that are being dealt.

Accurate, Real-Time Gaming Results

Live dealer games are designed to emulate the feeling of being in a real casino. To provide a more realistic experience, live dealer casinos often overlap the camera so that players can view other tables with various games in progress. During the game, players can also hear everything that is going on at the casino. Often, the casino will show a TV screen in the background with live news. This is so that players can be 100% sure the game is live and not pre-recorded. The technology built into the live dealer casino game allows players to place bets and adjust certain settings with a virtual interface. The gaming software also allows players to chat to the dealer and other players at the table as they would do in a real casino.


The disadvantage of playing live casino games can vary from player to player. Depending on the casino game and the dealer, the action might unfold a little slower than what you are used to. With fully electronic games, you can control the speed of play and skip straight into the next betting round. With multi-player live dealer games, the pace is significantly slower as each round is finalised before the next set of bets can be placed. While live dealer games are certainly a hit with a lot of players, there is a definite lack of variety overall.  If you are used to playing electronic games, you might find that the full list of live dealer games is a bit thin. In most cases the total number of live dealer games includes blackjack, baccarat, roulette and possibly poker. Very few online casinos offer more than six different types of live dealer casino games. Some casinos do offer variations of the same game but will stick to the basic five. For anyone looking for a bit of variety, this can be a bit frustrating.

Higher Minimum Betting Limits

As you can imagine, running a live dealer casino can be quite costly. The casino has to own physical premises, maintain expensive equipment and employ dealers to work the tables. As a result, the minimum betting limits are generally higher than you would find at a fully electronic casino. Players hoping to start off with a low betting game would quickly find that they have to fork out more every time they place a live dealer wager. While this may be good for pulling in big wins, it can also work against the players when the losses start racking up.

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