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What Does E3 2019 Have In Store?

E3 2019 Source: Wikimedia The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo - better known as E3 - is staged each June in Los Angeles. It is one of the most prestigious such exhibitions for the video gaming industry, with many of the top companies making big marketing announcements to coincide with it. 2019 looks as though it will be no exception to the rule with some exciting news for gamers.  For a while, gaming fans have been dreaming of a collaboration between Xbox and software companies like Microgaming to take casino games to the next level. Imagine playing online slots with your friends on a gaming console! So what does E3 2019 have in the pipeline?


Sony Source: Sportskeeda One of the most important announcements about E3 2019 has already been made. To many in the industry, it came as no surprise that one of the major players in the global gaming sector, Sony, decided not to take part at this year's event. This is not exactly a snub to the expo's organisers, however. Sony simply does not have anything that is new enough that it would like to showcase. In this case, it is probably better not to attend while the Japanese giant's competitors are displaying their next generation of video game technology. The Playstation 5 is now likely to hit the shelves in 2020 so it makes sense that a one-year absence from E3 would come about as this potentially industry-shifting move is in the pipeline. Overall, it should be mentioned that Sony has ditched some of the other events it used to take part in recently. A spokesman for the company said that it still wanted to find ways to interact with gaming fans despite its non-attendance at E3. Despite the soothing words, there can be little doubt that the move is something of a blow to the prestige of E3.


Microsoft Xbox Source: World News Live 4 You Microsoft, which is often considered to be one-third of the so-called big three alongside Sony in the video game world, will be in attendance at E3. Many industry insiders have predicted that the X-Box One is soon due to be succeeded by a brand new console. Could E3 2019 be the perfect place to launch it, especially when you take into consideration the conspicuous absence of one of Microsoft's great rivals? Only time will tell, of course. In addition to the likelihood of a new X-Box console, many are looking forward to Microsoft's presence at E3 for another reason. This is because it is widely tipped that Anaconda and Lockhart will both have their first reveals at the exhibition. Serious gamers should also be on the look out for glimpses of Fable, with at least a first look at the game being possible. On the business side, Microsoft is likely to announce further acquisitions. This has been something of a rolling programme for the corporation as it seeks to make its console the largest first party platform holder in the market. Some have hinted that there is a very significant third-party business buy out which could shape the future of the industry for years to come. Again, the rumours don't mean the reality will match the hype, but there is certainly a buzz around Microsoft and E3 this year.


Nintendo Switch E3 2019 Source: In terms of hardware, Nintendo will make an announcement regarding its Switch console, which many think, will be significantly updated in time for the summer expo. The console will receive plenty of third party support from software developers, too, some of which will also be at E3 this year. Expect Call of Duty, Assassins Creed and Grand Theft Auto to be among the gaming franchises with something new for fans at E3. A new iteration of the ever-popular Zelda is hotly tipped to be on the cards for the show in June. Likewise, work on a Mario Galaxy sequel is likely to be the subject of plenty of speculation. Fans of Pokemon will probably be able to get their hands on a taster version of Pokemon 8, which will be an open world RPG gaming format. The long-awaited Metroid will also probably be ready in time for the show, too.

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