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Practicing Good Etiquette at Live Casinos

live casino etiqettteIt is customary to be on your best behaviour when visiting a land based casino, because it is a social environment where everyone present expects a comfortable atmosphere. Everything from lewd behaviour, body odour, drunken behaviour, rude comments and more is valid reasoning for a casino to have you booted out. Playing at online casinos will give you the freedom to act as you wish, however - as long as you follow the rules of the site, because you are not in the presence of others. Consideration to certain things are expected, like respecting customer support representatives and keeping in line with the rules, even if you are playing in the comfort of your own home. Playing online at live casinos is social because you have the dealer to interact with and a variety of other players. Even though none of them are in your immediate vicinity, bad behaviour is frowned upon, because everyone participating is also there to enjoy a comfortable environment.

Topics to Avoid

Interaction with the dealer and other players is done so via a live video stream and instant chat features. Everyone participating is there to play and focus on his or her game as much as you are, so it is advisable to be respectful at all times. It is best to stay friendly, positive and be accommodating if a certain player wishes to be left alone. Never discuss lewd topics, religion or politics, and never defame any such topic, because you never know what another player’s belief system is or where in life they hail from. Using caps when chatting may appear as shouting or seen as being aggressive, so never use them. Rather stick to being cheerful and friendly, or politely excuse yourself from chatter if you wish to be alone. While a game is in play, players should respect each other’s privacy. Personal information, such as telephone numbers and addresses, should not be shared. Photographs can be uploaded, but they should never be offensive. Cheating is not accepted, so staying off the topic of the game in play is wise. There is no need to unfairly distract another player, as everyone is there for fair chances of winning. English is the default language of live casinos and it is not acceptable to chat to certain players in a specific language within a group chat.

Always Be Polite

When you play casino games alongside other players, there will always be those that win and then those that lose. Obviously, your hopes are that you are always the winner, but there will be times where this is not the case. Don’t sulk, it’s not necessary. Your time will come to be the victor and when you do win, always be humble and gracious. Bragging is not acceptable, neither is lording a win over other players. If another player wins the pot, then be kind and congratulate him or her. It’s the polite thing to do.

Know How to Play the Game

As helpful as the dealers are, their role is not to train you from scratch. When other players are involved, you should have a clue as to how to play the game you are playing, so as not to hold anyone up. The Internet is full of information regarding the rules of how to play specific casino games and many of them are available in a demo mode where you can have hands-on practice. Beginners are not sent packing, as everyone must start somewhere. In fact, live casinos cater for all levels of skill, so you will always find a suitable game to play. Remember, though, that the dealer and other players do not have the time for unnecessary questions about how to play or what the best move should be. It is frowned upon to discuss any folded hands or moves that have occurred within the duration of the game that is being played.

Follow the Pace

When you play casino games online, you have the privilege of playing at your own pace because you are playing on your own. This is a great advantage for a busy lifestyle. Playing live casino games, however, means that you are playing with other people, so always keep in mind the fact that you must follow the pace of the game. It is acceptable to take a few moments before placing bets, but place it as soon as possible. Even though it is your round, another player is waiting to take his or her turn. As there are different games offered for different skill levels, so too are there different games with different limits. Stick to what you want to bet and find a suitable game for your limit.

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