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Is it Possible to Play Casino Games on Any Phone?

One of the biggest advances in casino gaming came with the introduction of mobile games and apps. Even though the technology has been around for a while, there are still a large number of players who are either not sure about how the games work or are happy to play on their desktop or laptop computers. To them, I say, there will come a day when you are sitting at the airport or somewhere inconvenient, wishing you had a way to pass the time. This is where you could simply whip out your smartphone or tablet, log onto your favorite casino and play the latest slots for real money. For those who didn’t need convincing, mobile gaming has been a way of life for some years now. For players just starting out, one question that comes up quite frequently is if you can play mobile casino games on any phone? The answer is not that simple. The quick answer is yes, with a few exceptions. To answer in more detail, we have to look at how the games work.

Mobile Web Browser Games

There essentially two methods or different ways to play games on your mobile. The first method is to log onto the mobile casino site and play via your mobile browser. To do this, you need a phone that is capable of running the latest mobile web-browser and have a stable internet connection whether it be over mobile data or Wi-Fi. The benefit of doing it this way is that you can pretty much use any phone on the market today. It doesn’t have to be specifically and iPhone or an Android phone. As long as it has a web browser and a reasonable processor, you are good to go. The way the games work is either by using flash technology or HTML5. In either case, the games run directly through the web browser without you having to download any software. The downside is that the games are not specifically adapted to your screen size phone capabilities. For slower phones, the games can sometimes appear jittery, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

App-Based Games

The second way to play mobile casino games on your phone is to download the game or casino app. Downloading the app means that you are installing the software designed specifically for your phone’s operating system. The advantage of doing it this way is that the games are specifically designed for your device. This means faster gaming, higher quality graphics and quicker loading. The catch is that you need a phone with the operating software for the specific app. A little while ago, you could find casino apps for Windows based phones, Android Phones, iPhones and Blackberry phones. Most casinos have converted to the two most common operating systems, namely Android and iOS. It is getting more and more difficult to find a casino that offers anything more. Going forward, almost every mobile casino is only going to offer Android and iOS apps. If you don’t own an Android phone or iPhone, you are probably using an older model phone and it’s time to upgrade anyway.

Upgrading your Hardware

If you are stubbornly sticking a device that runs on something else, you can always use the mobile web-browser to access the mobile casino. If your phone doesn’t have a web-browser or internet connectivity, you should think about joining the 21st century. Even kids these days have phones and tablets that are more than capable of running the most advanced casino games. So, if you have bought a phone in the last three to five years, chances are you can use it to go online and play casino games to your heart’s content. Give it a try!  

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