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The Paysafe Group and Online Casinos

paysafe group and online casinosThe Paysafe Group is based in the Isle of Man and was first established over 15 years ago. It has changed its structure and its offerings over that time, proving that flexibility is a great asset when it comes to long-term success. You’ll find many of the solutions and products that the Paysafe Group offers at various online retailers and outlets, casinos included. Their experience, robustness and willingness to embrace change certainly make them strong contenders when you’re choosing how to manage your money in any context.

Early Beginnings

The company that is now the Paysafe Group began its life as Neteller PLC, back in 1996. Neteller PLC’s Initial Public Offering, or IPO, was listed on the London Stock exchange in 2004, and the company went on to acquire Netbanx Ltd in the November of 2005. It was renamed Neovia Financial PLC in 2008. Next, in the February of 2011, Neovia acquired the Montreal-based company Optimal Payments and changed its name accordingly, to Optimal Payments PLC, in the March of that year. This was actually a reverse takeover, as revealed in early 2012. The chairman of the board and many other senior management staff were purged at this time.

Later Developments

Optimal Payments PLC went through more changes in 2014, when it was bought by Meritus Payment Solutions and Global Merchant Advisors. This expanded the company’s interests in the United States considerably, and it moved to the London Stock Exchange’s main market in the December of 2015. The Paysafe Group of today owns Fans Entertainment, Payvolution, Neteller, Skrill and, of course, Paysafecard. Having such a diverse portfolio and appealing to so many online customers has certainly paid off; the new company reported 63% more revenue in its first full year of business than Optimal Payments PLC did in 2015, which was its last.

Growing Global Interest

Anyone can see that the physical world is becoming more and more blended with the technological one, and that we use digital solutions in almost every area of life. Up until now, digital finance has been a relatively unexplored area but new ground is being broken here, and it’s safe to say that the Paysafe Group is blazing some of the most important trails. The Paysafe Group is committed to finding new and creative ways to serve its customers, who come from all walks of life. The platforms that the Paysafe Group offers to its clients include bank accounts, e-wallets and vouchers, so as many people as possible are accommodated. It’s good business sense, and it makes the Paysafe Group an important ally for any company or entrepreneur. In addition to their general services, the Paysafe Group also tries to develop bespoke financial services, another growing trend and one that financial regulatory bodies are working hard to support. After all, change and innovation is essential but so is the safety and security of funds and information. But working towards this common goal is gathering momentum, and transactions are smoother and more convenient for customers and for those taking care of the financial administration within businesses too. Diversity of options exists at every level, so personal and business interests can be taken care of in the best way possible.

Implications for You

For consumers in every sector, the developments and improvements in online and mobile finance can only be good news. As with everything else, the borders between digital and physical realities are blurring and everything is becoming more seamless and more convenient. You should be aware of 2 things at this point. Firstly, businesses should be fiercely competitive with each other and you should think very carefully about settling for anything less than cutting-edge financial services – nothing short of the standards that the platforms in the Paysafe Group can offer is acceptable as a first choice. It is true, however, that this is something of a brave new world and digital finance companies are still feeling their way. Given the Paysafe Group’s demonstrated willingness to roll with what happens, you are likely to see it change again in the future. As exciting as this time is, be sure to keep your wits about you too. Research any platform carefully, and start using it, even after you know about it and have read great reports, with very small amounts of money. When a new transaction system has proven itself to you, you can use larger sums. It’s a good idea to get into this prudent habit anyway, even with a company that has a proven track record and great success like the Paysafe Group does. It never hurts to be cautious, especially in a world that is changing as fast as ours seems to. Paysafe platforms should be amongst your first consideration for real money casino games, as their offerings are trusted, safe and secure.

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