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Casino Games: Online Slots 101

A row of modern and classic slot machines.

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Generally when people think of casinos, they think of slot machines. The shiny and bright allure of slot machines give casinos so much of their atmosphere and charm. They’re dead simple to play, require minimal input from the player, and are a load of fun at the same time. Though they started out as heavy mechanical devices, physical slot machines have evolved over the years to incorporate digital screens and buttons. They would evolve further by leaving the physical world for the digital world in the form of an online casino. Players who want to get involved in playing online slots, but would like to know a little bit more before they begin can check out our handy guide to help get them started.

Pull the lever to start

The very first slot machine was invented by a car mechanic named Charles Fey. Fey’s first machine was to be called the Liberty Bell and was created by him in San Francisco in 1895.

The Liberty Bell consisted of three spinning reels and was operated by inserting a coin into the slot and pulling a lever. The machine paid out different amounts depending on which images aligned on the reels. Slot machines eventually became a regular sight in casinos around the world and it's now impossible to imagine casinos without them.

The machine goes digital

As technology progressed over the years, so did the machines. The invention of digital technology allowed slot machines to leave their mechanical design behind. The mechanical innards that determined whether a spin was a win or a loss were replaced with randomly generated numbers powered by microchips and software. The mechanical reels were also replaced with digital screens and speakers that allowed for more complex visuals and sounds.

The next step in this digital evolution was to take slot machines online. Now players no longer need to travel to the casino to play the slots. Hundreds of variations of slots are available online and players can get playing at the click of a button.

An antique slot machine.

Source: Pixbay

The basics of play

Every online slots game is different. Each has its theme and different systems of winning. Some offer visuals and sounds, while others are more simple and straightforward. The best way for players to find which type of game is their favourite is just to try a few until they find one they like.

One of the most important things to consider when playing or choosing an online slots game is the paytable and the paylines. The paytable displays all the symbols for the game and highlights which ones are the most important. Paylines determine how the symbols on the wheel match up in order to pay out. The more coins bet on a spin, the more paylines are able to cash out from and the higher the chances of winning.

Special bonuses

Other additions to online slots are wilds, scatters, multipliers and bonus rounds. Though the effects and availability of these changes between games.

Wilds are essentially wild cards, this means that they can stand in for any other symbol and be used to make winning combinations even if they don’t match up with other symbols in the payline. Some wilds even trigger special events like expanding symbols, free spins or bonus rounds.

Scatters are unique in that they don’t need to appear within a winning payline to make combinations. They don’t just pay out coins but can trigger special bonus rounds or events just by appearing on screen.

Multipliers are another important symbol. Multipliers give the chance to multiply possible winnings by two, three or possibly even more than ten times.

Ready to roll

Players interested in playing can find online slots and many other casino games online at Ruby Fortune.

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