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Online Dating – The New Norm

Online Dating – The New Norm Source: Medium Remember a time when you met your significant other via friends, family, acquaintances or colleagues – an era when your forever after partner was introduced to you at school, varsity, a party or a wedding? Sure, it still happens today, but to a far lesser extent – especially as you get older and the dating pool gets significantly smaller. For many of us, the hope of finding someone simply fades as the years tick by, and we quietly accept our fate to remain eternally single. But since 1995, there’s been no excuse for getting comfortable on the proverbial shelf. In that year, the very first online dating service,, saw the virtual light. It was swiftly followed by a horde of similar sites, more recently smartphone dating apps like Tinder, allowing you to pick your potential person off a dating menu. If there was mutual interest, online messages would be exchanged and hopefully a real life date would be the end result. But is this a winning concept? For many, yes. For others, no. But for everybody, it spells out hope.

Online Dating Successes

Sure, most dates don’t lead to marriage, but that is true for both traditional and online set-ups. However, every now and again, you hear of someone who struck it lucky with an online match. At the end it all boils down to meeting someone who’s searching for the same thing you are, whether it be a casual fling or a serious commitment. With the initial physical attraction box ticked and other deal breakers checked even before you’ve met, online dating sites and apps save you time and emotional effort. Plus the number of success stories is enough to make you keep trying. Was your last online date a let-down? Then come to an online destination that won’t let you down! Come to Ruby Fortune Online Casino and get up to $750 bonus!

Online Dating Disasters

Dates gone wrong – we’ve all been there! Hopefully, most of us will never get to experience what these unfortunate online daters had to endure.
  • Werewolf in Sheep’s Clothing. 25-year-old Maulin Rathod had no idea that his first date with Jamie Dolheguy, 18, whom he’d met online, would ultimately lead to his untimely death. Unbeknownst to him, Dolheguy suffered from an acute psychiatric illness and believed that she was in fact, a werewolf. Rathod, who had moved to Melbourne from India four years prior, to complete his master’s degree in accounting, had no inclination of her mental health issues prior to meeting up. As the case still needs to go to court, details haven’t been released. However, it has been revealed that she caused him serious injury at her Victoria home, which led to his death at the hospital, only hours later.
  • Fake Profile Fraudsters. Move over pyramid schemes, dating scams are taking over. Recently, 57 members of a fraud ring were jailed in Eastern China for pretending to be young, single women, scamming men out of their money via online dating sites. Their sentences ranged from 6 months to 11 years, while they also had to pay some hefty fines. And while numerous other international cases have made it to court, many don’t get reported to the authorities, mostly due to embarrassment on the victim’s side.

Online Dating Tips

To get the best out of online dating, we suggest you employ these simple tactics and safety measures. Firstly, have an open mind and realistic expectations. This way, you might just be pleasantly surprised instead of being disappointed. Always post a photo that’s a true reflection of yourself – a pic of your much younger self won’t fool anyone on a real date. Don’t lose your heart to someone until you’ve actually met in person. And when you do, do it in a public place – never at your home. You also don’t want to play games – with an endless dating pool available at his/her fingertips, your interest might just, well, lose interest! Lastly, but most importantly, have fun. Remember, even the worst date can be a funny story to tell your grandkids decades from now.
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