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Online Casino Terminology You Should Know

There are terms and phrases that all online casinos make use of and if you are starting out in the online casino world it’s best to get to know what they mean. The terminology or casino lingo is spoken and understood the world over so regardless of where you hail from and what online casino you play at; you will come across many of the online casino terms and phrases. The following glossary from Ruby Fortune will guide you along to a better understanding of what is said or meant.

243 Ways to Win:

This is an online slot feature where no traditional paylines are used. Instead, you will have 243 ways to win across the reel set and all produce wins as bets are placed in size and not on any particular payline. You may even come across 720 ways to win and 1024 ways to win.

Active Payline:

This is an online slot payline that has been bet on therefore making it eligible to land winning symbol combinations that pay out according to the value of symbol and payline bet.


The Ante is a bet placed in casino card games. It is the initial bet placed before any cards are dealt out.


The amount of real money or credits you have in your account that is available for placing bets or for withdrawals.


The banker is the dealer. It is simply another term used in games such as card games.


This is the total amount of real money a player has to bet with.

Bet Max:

Bet max is the highest limit or the most you wish to bet on an online slot spin.

Bet Min:

Bet min is the lowest amount bet on an online slot spin.

Betting Limits:

Betting limits refers to the highest and lowest limits available on a casino game.

Bonus Feature:

Games such as online slots come with several types of bonus features that can be played by randomly triggering them or landing certain symbol combinations.

Cascading Reels:

Also known as collapsing reels. This is an online slot feature where winning combinations disappear and make room for new possible winning combinations as the winning symbols are replaced.


A cashback is a type of bonus where the online casino pays back a portion of losses. This can be paid in bonus money or real money.

Casino Advantage:

Also referred to as the house edge. These are the odds that ensure the casino ultimately makes a profit.


These are tokens used to bet with.

Classic Slots:

Traditional style slots with three reels and few pay lines.


A card dealt out to the player during a card game.


A pack of playing cards, usually 52, used in card games.


Refers to the number 2

Face Cards:

Jack, Queen and King playing cards.


Abandoning a hand of cards and forfeiting the bet.

Free Spins:

Slot spins that do not require a real money bet. They are used in bonus features and offered as bonuses from the casino.

High Roller:

A player who bets large amounts.

Hole Card:

A dealer’s face down card in blackjack.


The biggest prize a casino offers.


An online slot symbol that multiplies winnings by a specific value.


Winning chances and probabilities of positive outcomes.


The guide to what value the winning combinations are worth according to bet values.

Progressive Jackpot:

An amount accumulated that constantly increases until it is won.


A Random Number Generator is used to determine a random outcome.
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