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1st / 2nd / 3rd Deposit - Match Bonus up to 250 € • New customers only • Min deposit 10 € • 70x wagering

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The Online Casino Hoppers Guide

Everyone loves a bargain. Let’s just be honest about it and embrace the collective Scrooge in all of us. After all, there’s nothing shameful about it, as long as you don’t actively shun the crippled boy who asks for money at your door, and shout “Bah humbug!” into the faces of innocent Christmas carol singers. That sort of behaviour will almost certainly make you unpopular in the neighbourhood, and then where will you be the next time you need to borrow a cup of sugar? Driving to the shops at 10pm for sugar, that’s where. But truly there is something very satisfying about grabbing an item of value for less than retail price. Almost as satisfying as coming upon a forgotten crisp fifty dollar note in your jeans pocket. However, in the case of buying a new car, getting something for less than normal price generally means the vehicle will burst into flames shortly after purchase. So, rather avoid third degree burns and save up a bit more cash. However, in the online casino world there are some very impressive genuine bargains that can be snapped up, if you know how to go about finding them. And all are guaranteed to not result in third degree burns. At least, if you pay attention to the terms and conditions.

Online Casino Bonus Cash

There are dozens of online casinos, and all are clamouring for your business. In the old days a casino would simply dress a few ladies in lacy outfits and put them outside the front door, which was a sure fire method of luring in customers. In the digital age, however, girls in lacy outfits are not as easily deployed, which means that casinos are forced to use ulterior methods. The most commonly used method; offering bonus cash. Online casinos offer enormous amounts of bonus cash as a way to draw in customers, which is great for you and me, because, as we’ve already agreed, we’re embracing our inner scrooge. Stand back, hold out your top hat, and catch as much of that bonus cash as possible. But wait a second; are we saying that casinos are just throwing handfuls of cash out the windows? That’s way less cost effective than the lacy outfit-wearing ladies. It almost seems like the casinos would go broke overnight.

Terms And Conditions

No, sadly, online casinos are not just giving away cash, so best cancel those plans for a Paris holiday on the casino’s buck. Bonus cash comes with terms and conditions, mostly aimed at making sure they don’t fund your Paris holiday. You will be required to make bets at the casino before the bonus cash may be withdrawn. But, ladies and gentleman, that does not mean the bonus cash has no value. On the contrary; if you use bonus cash wisely, you can make a good chunk of change, and with pretty much no risk at all of spending any of your own cash. Yes, yes, that inner scrooge is cackling now, isn’t he? Bonus cash has a wager requirement, which specifies that you must make a certain number of bets, equal to the bonus cash amount, before the cash or its winnings may be withdrawn. Fulfil those requirements and the cash is yours. No, it isn’t always an easy task, and it isn’t guaranteed to be a success, but be smart about and you can walk away with a smile on your face, and extra bit of cash in your pocket.

Casino Hoping

Yes, it’s sneaky, I know, but a person with an extra sprinkle of scrooge in their heart can easily hop from Website to Website, snapping up bonus cash wherever it can be found, and exiting when the wager requirements are met. What, that strikes you as being too scrooge? Well, as you wish. I guess I won’t tell you that there are websites dedicated entirely too keeping track of which casinos are offering bonus cash, and how much bonus cash they are offering. Why, the Scroogiest people could hover around such websites, jumping from Website to Website, taking advantage of all the best bonuses as they become available.

Overall Misplaced Effort

Okay, I’ll come clean with you. A person could do what I’ve mentioned above, and probably make a little bit of cash with each bonus they snagged, but the operative phrase here is “a little bit of cash.” Doing such a thing isn’t going to make you a person rich any time soon, but it certainly is possible. Bonus cash is really given as a way to offer a person a leg up into the casino, helping them ease into the website with a little something cash. If I’m being honest, I use bonus cash mostly when I feel like I’m falling into a rut at a particular website. I drop everything, jump to a new casino, grab the bonus cash, and try making a new start. If I don’t feel like I made that new tart particularly well, however, I may just move on and try again. Cackle, cackle, rub my hands together mischievously. Stupid Christmas carol singers. 

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