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New Job Trends In Employment Market

Ruby Fortune Casino:Social Media Influencer Source: Pixabay Today’s employment opportunities are very different from those available to our parents and grandparents. Clearly, it’s modern technologies which have had the most influence on jobs and future job trends. Some jobs just never existed before. A job such as a Game Developer, for example, is becoming more and more important, and when we check out all the different online slots on Ruby Fortune Online Casino, we only can guess how much work goes into developing a new slots game. So here are some examples of what may turn out to be some of the top future jobs you’ll see advertised – jobs your grandmother won’t know anything about.

Social Media Influencer

To become a social media influencer, you must, first of all, develop a credible online profile in relation to one specific sector. Most successful influencers are also careful to underline their authenticity, which besides understanding their field in detail, also means they come over as an ‘ordinary’ person on the street and surround themselves with a disarming air of transparency. Brands value these qualities because when they partner with such influencers it allows them to promote their goods in a more subtle way. This approach tends to go down well with younger people who instinctively dislike the brash marketing styles of the past. But it can be a tough gig achieving the social media following which will encourage a big company to spend their cash and back you. Depending on your sector and the potential of your ideas and opinions, you’re likely to need to create a community of thousands of followers. Apart from your own expertise, the primary tools you will use to get there are an eye-catching website and a regular media blog of outstanding quality. ‘Zoella’ Sugg, who captured more than three million views with her videos posted on YouTube, is a good example of a British social media influencer.

Gaming Developer

For most gaming developers, a degree in software engineering, computer science or some other associated field is an essential prerequisite. And likewise, a game designer should also be familiar with programming languages, such as Java or C++. Creating video games to be played on computer, mobiles or gaming consoles is highly skilled work which requires both academic knowledge and a willingness to stay engaged with new developments in the field. Game development includes a variety of roles including tasks such as evolving a concept and writing storylines as well as producing the coding and programming the game action. In addition, there is also scope for those with skills in music, audio engineering, production, design and the visual arts. Knowledge of programming languages, concepts and protocols is absolutely essential, especially as new concepts and techniques are always emerging in this fast-changing field. Salaries for skilled professionals are relatively high, and while entry-level tasks are not generally too demanding, anyone who wishes to get to higher levels in the industry would be well advised to seek additional qualifications in disciplines such as mathematics and/or computer science.

Solar Energy Technician

Ruby Fortune Casino: Solar Technician Source:Pixabay Solar energy technicians install, maintain, operate, and test equipment and energy systems which harvest solar energy. This trade requires workers with a variety of skills: First, there are traditional building and construction skills such as plumbers, carpenters, roofers, and sheet metal workers, whose task is to install and/or maintain solar systems. Then there are more specialist jobs which require input from architects and engineers to design solar energy systems for installation in specific locations. Solar energy technicians may be called upon to work on two kinds of solar system. Active systems employ technologies designed to collect and focus solar energy, whereas passive systems are designed to insulate, absorb and channel solar energy. It’s not unusual for building and construction workers to convert to the solar industry via an apprenticeship programme. However, anyone starting out should look for training and qualification opportunities which relate directly to the sector. And those who want to access higher level employment within the industry will need qualifications in areas such as maths, science, photovoltaics and solar-thermal systems, as well as solar architecture.

3D-Printing Technician

Ruby Fortune Casino:3D printer Source: Pixabay The descriptive term 3D printing actually covers a suite of different technologies. One application of 3D printing includes the use of polymer materials, while another branch of the technology works with a number of metallic substances. Often known as ‘additive manufacturing’, this technology initially appeared in industries like aerospace and also the medical and healthcare field. Although 3D printing is still used in these areas, the technology has now spread far and wide to encompass everything from art and fashion through to the wider building and construction industry. Today’s 3D printing industry requires inputs from professionals with diverse backgrounds and know-how from hardware, software and materials disciplines. Mechanical engineering specialisms, for instance, include application engineers working with 3D printer technology, additive materials, data and processes apply their technical and problem-solving skills to create additive applications for end users. Likewise, software engineers work on developing 3D printer software, facilitating hardware/software integration, systems automation, and computational design. Such tasks demand knowledge of machine code and the ability to work with CAD software. In addition, the industry needs material scientists to work on the research and development of a new generation of 3D printing materials.

Virtual Reality Designer

Ruby Fortune Casino:Flight Simulator Source: Wikimedia A VR designer must have complete knowledge and understanding of the 3D concept as well as a fluent knowledge of design methodology. Besides its entertainment function, 3D VR modelling is used to simulate real-world problems on a smaller scale and within a prescribed budget, as well as to simulate and investigate risk situations such as crowd flows, nuclear emergencies, aircraft flight and more. In addition, a prospective designer should be aware of the enabling potential of VR technology – for example in the world of retail – and the commercial opportunities this area may generate in the future. The VR designer is often required to work in a team setting exploring the possibilities of 3D tools, holograms and immersion as well as augmented reality scenarios. This may involve working with technology such as the Oculus Rift headset, or more advanced prototypes.

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