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All You Need to Know About Poker Etiquette

Whether you are meeting the pope, attending a wedding or funeral, or going for an important interview, etiquette is important. So many aspects of life are made more bearable, if not easier, by the little rules that govern how we do things. This is also true of playing poker, whether you enjoy the action online or at the tables in a casino. However, most poker players find themselves playing with other players, and this is where following the correct etiquette is important. Read on to find out how you can avoid being glared at as though you had just crawled out from under a damp rock when playing poker with other players.

Be Nice to Other Players

The cardinal rule of poker etiquette is to be nice to your fellow players. The cards are not always going to fall in your favour, and you will occasionally make a bad move. As tempting as it might be to throw your metaphorical toys out of the cot, don’t do it. You don’t want other players to think that you are really just a ghastly so-and-so who also happens to be a sore loser. After all, you may encounter those players at future games, and those future games will not be much fun if no one actually wants to play with you.

Be Nice to the Dealer

If you are all alone at home like Nelly No-Friends, playing single-player online poker and you lose the game, by all means, shout at your computer. Heck, you can even smash it into tiny pieces, although you may find it difficult to explain that to your insurance company. However, if you are playing poker at a casino table, be nice to the dealer. They are just doing their job. Remember that.

Focus on the Game

When playing poker with other players, focus on what you are doing; namely, playing poker. Do not stall the game by chatting to friends, checking Facebook on your phone, finding the perfect Instagram filter for that photo of your drink you just took, or rolling another cigarette. Being focused on everything else but your hand of cards could drag out the game unnecessarily and frustrate other players. You are there to play poker, after all.

Keep Your Chips Neat and Tidy

Keeping your chips organised on the table means you will not waste any time looking for the right denominations when placing your bets. It also means they will not get in the way of other players. It is also a good idea to handle your chips quietly, rather than clicking and clacking them, as that could prove an annoying distraction to other players.

Keep Yourself Neat and Tidy

Casino tables are not exactly known for giving players a great deal of personal space. Instead, players are usually packed around tables much like sardines in a tin. It is important, therefore, to make sure you take care of personal hygiene. Do your best to have a bath or shower, put on clean clothes, use a moderate amount of deodorant, cologne, aftershave, or perfume, and generally make yourself presentable before you head out to play poker.

Mind Your Manners in Online Chat

Multiplayer online poker games come with a live chat feature. Feel free to make polite conversation with other players, but remember to keep it polite. Don’t criticise, mock, or insult other players, regardless of whether or not you think they are utterly hopeless. Follow these basic rules of poker etiquette, and be part of an enjoyable game for everyone present, yourself included.

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