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Molly’s Game: Revealing Gambling Styles of A List Stars

Molly's Game Source: The true tale of Molly Bloom is one that has captivated all who have come into contact with it, and now it has finally been made into a movie. Molly’s Game is based on the true events that unfolded when a down and out woman ventured into the world of underground Poker. In doing so, she changed the entire course of her life and went from being a skier who could never quite make it all the way to the Olympic games, to what people are now referring to as the Princess Of Underground Poker. A scene from Mollys Game - the movie Source:

The Story Behind The Story

In a recent interview, Molly Bloom recalls how she had decided to take a year off between undergrad status and what was supposed to be law school. Molly’s journey of a lifetime started when she went to Los Angeles to find work. She ended up working many different jobs, and eventually became an executive assistant to the real estate developer, Daren Feinstein. Feinstein happened to be one of the co-owners of Hollywood nightclub The Viper Room and soon approached Molly, requesting that she help him run a specific Poker game. Molly did not think too much of it at the time, and simply went about the business of what she was asked to do. Molly tells the story of how she had started out by making a mixed-track CD of all gambling-related songs that she could lay her hands on. She also remembers having carried a cheese plate into a room where people were seated around a table, playing a card game. A card game, that at the time, she did not recognise, as she had never so much as played at an online casino, let alone high stakes Poker. What Molly did realise, however, was that the people around the table had it in them to completely change her life. They were A-list actors and Wall Street business moguls, the calibre of person you usually only get to see on television. Despite the star-struck element of the evening, what really moved Molly Bloom into the direction of exploring underground Poker was the fact that one of the parties had tipped her a cool $3,000 without blinking an eye. Feinstein ended up firing Molly Bloom shortly afterwards, but this did not serve to deter her from starting up her own games of underground Poker for the celebrities that she had met at Feinstein’s gathering. Molly started out by offering games with a buy-in price tag of $10,000. Soon, however, this was increased to up to $250,000. A-list celebrities often frequented Molly’s games, including giant names in the industry like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire, Macaulay Culkin, Alex Rodrigues and Pete Sampras. Molly ran two different underground Poker games during her very successful stint and during her time she observed the very different styles of the celebs. If you watch the movie, you may pick up on these, and we’ve highlighted some of the most notable here.

Cold As Stone: Player X

Arguably the most interesting character featured in the movie, Player X is a cold and heartless bluffer. Molly points out that Player X is in fact Tobey Maguire. The cold nature of his playing style is related to viewers in a scene that is re-enacted according to what Molly remembers. Player X swears on his mother’s life that he’s holding a hand of cards that will have every other player beat. He swears this to a player of lesser financial means, lying in outright fashion and bluffing the other player into financial bankruptcy. Molly remembers how she thought at the time that what Maguire had done was indeed cold and heartless. Leonardo DiCaprio in play Source:

Leonardo DiCaprio: Pawn

Molly also relates how Maguire grew rather fond of using good friend Leonardo DiCaprio in order to lure other celebrities into playing and betting big. DiCaprio was apparently well known for his strange but effective playing style, as well as listening to music on large earphones whilst playing Poker. These traits were the most obvious, but Bloom has also said that Macaulay Culkin displayed an almost child-like glee when winning, and that of all the players, Rick Salomon took the game the most seriously. She also said that Ben Affleck was always the joker, and enjoyed a drink or two, and was an aggressive player who often blew larger than average sums without blinking. Whether or not the rest of the cast in Mollys Game are an accurate representation of the players she saw, we will never know, but one thing is for sure, avid Poker players may learn a thing or two from watching.

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