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Mobile Gaming Statistics

Mobile Gaming StatisticsMobile gaming is an increasingly common activity today. It helps considerably with time management in the incredibly busy world of today, and often means players can move between devices for smoother experiences. Given the advantages to mobile gameplay, of casino games and other kinds, it’s understandable that there has been a surge in their popularity as technology has made them more and more enjoyable to play. Our mobile games are, of course, the best in the casino world, and you can find ever-greater mobile games of other kinds. A quick perusal of mobile gaming statistics should easily show that they are going to keep improving and are here to stay.

Mobile Technology Growth

Global smartphone shipments were around 304.7 million in 2010, and are expected to reach 1,862.3 million by 2019. Over the same time period, worldwide tablet shipments are predicted to skyrocket from 19 million units to 180 million, By contrast, worldwide shipments of desktops and laptops are expected to decline from 157 million to 102.6 million and from 201 million to 170 million, respectively, in the same time frame of 2010 to 2019. The increase in mobile shipments and the decrease in desktop and laptop shipments shows the way the world is moving – to mobile devices that can increasingly perform all of the tasks that bigger machines can.

Mobile Technology Improvements

As the demand for mobile devices increases, so the technology improves, and vice versa. Today’s smartphones and tablets really can help you with almost every task or leisure activity, from tracking your fitness to learning new skills and managing your travel plans. Connectivity between devices, or the so-called Internet of Things, is also increasing and becoming more seamless all the time to ensure smoother experiences for you. Gamers, more than almost any other user, demand high-quality processing powers, graphic displays and touchscreen sensitivity. Having said that, their requirements are not so unaligned with mainstream demands. The biggest desire in men and women, at around 50% and 42% respectively, is for a longer battery life. This is almost a prerequisite for successful mobile gaming, especially considering the graphic and function demands of modern games.

A Rise in Gaming

The boom in mobile gaming has been coming since 2014, when predictions were made that it would double by 2016. Gaming revenue in general is expected to keep growing as the activity finds favour with more people, reaching sales of $118.6 billion by 2019. Mobile game sales are expected to be responsible for an ever-greater market share in the next few years. In essence, gaming is becoming more popular as mobile devices are becoming better and more accessible. It’s only natural that mobile gaming leads the way in terms of market growth, marrying these 2 trends together.

A Rise in Mobile Casinos

The improvement in mobile hardware and software has also been felt by the online casino industry, and mobile casino games are also developing at breakneck speed. In fact, casino software platforms seem to have embraced the new technology more rapidly than other web-based industries. This means that, today, they are more evolved and refined that some other industries might be. Year-on-year growth for 2016 shows the biggest number of new Android casino players are in Brazil, with a 583% growth rate. The most new iOS casino players over the same period was Taiwan, with 271%. Though Android is outperforming Apple in terms of new player numbers, it should be noted that their year-on-year growth in Taiwan was 216%. When you consider that China is predicted by many sources to soon be the biggest consumer of mobile technology, this might give Google pause. It’s also interesting to note that while both iOS and Android had Asian countries listed in their top 5 locations for year-on-year growth in 216, only Android featured South America and only iOS featured Western Europe. Perhaps there is enough market share to go around! The casino games that are most commonly offered on mobile devices are Slots, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette and Video Poker. Slots, Video Poker and Instant Games like Keno are the most popular because their instant nature works well with snatching a few moments to play here and there while on the go.

For the Love of the Game

Social casinos, where players can enjoy the games but can never use the credits they buy anywhere, are also becoming more popular on mobile devices. Desktop growth in this area has been quite static, generating $1.4 billion in 2013 to $1.9 billion in 2016, while mobile gameplay revenue jumped from $0.8 billion to $2.1 billion over the same time period. It seems clear that, with the great development in smartphones, tablets and mobile casino software, the thrill of the game is more than enough for mobile casino games’ growing number of dedicated followers.

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