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Mind Blowing Casino Facts

You know what’s fun? Gasping in amazement. Let’s just face it, there is little that compares to the liberating action of literally reeling at learning something profound, and expressing it by sucking in air through our mouths. Did we need that extra bit of air? Certainly not, we breathed it in because our brains clearly needed more oxygen to compute the staggering information being processed. I honestly love learning new and interesting facts, so much so that I often spend hours just browsing top 10 amazing facts posts and checking out YouTube videos on the topic. Sure, it often turns out that the fact being shared is a misconception, or just plain rubbish, but I still enjoy having a good session of gasping. What it is about amazing facts that make us gasp, I wish I could tell you, but either way, I thought it high time to make a list of gasp educing facts myself. I decided to gather some of the most mind blowing facts I could relating to casinos and gambling, and share them with those that cared to do a bit of gasping. Ready? Prepare yourself to do a bit of involuntary mouth inhalations…

Blue Chip For The Win

Okay, this first fact may not be much of a gasping fact, but is certainly one that made me go hmm. And going hmm is almost as good as gasping, as far as I’m concerned. You may have heard certain big name and impressive companies be referred to as being Blue Chip, and likely didn’t put much thought into why exactly this was. Well, it turns out that in general, the blue chips in casinos are the most valuable. You will normally have red, white, blue, with blue having the highest value. So, the term arose to call the most valuable companies blue chip, reflecting the value system in casinos. Did you go hmm, interesting? I sure did.

High Stakes Gone Crazy

I’ve never witnessed it in real life, but am well aware of the film cliché of players getting carried away with the betting, in order to cover an insane pot. The scene will normally involve the players first pushing in all their chips, which gets the attention of bystanders. And this will then be followed up by players adding things like shirts, cars, and their wives and children to the pot, dramatically raising the stakes, and adding tension to the film. Like I said, I rarely see this in real life. But how about the story of two kings in 100AD, taking this little cliché to the next level? The Kings of Norway and Sweden sat down to a game of dice, perhaps similar to Craps, and it seems things got a little out of hand. The King of Norway put up the island of Hisingen as part of his bet, and would you believe it, he lost. Yes, the King of Sweden won an island in a game of dice. How valued the people living on the island must have felt, knowing they were officially under a new King based on a game of dice. Ah, politics in a nutshell.

Beds In Vegas

One thing everyone knows about Vegas is that there are a great deal of people who like to hang half out of limousine sun roofs, waving bottles of champagne about and screaming. At least based on a few movies I’ve seen. Another thing everyone knows about Vegas is that there are a ton of really, really big hotels. So many so that it might be considered overkill. Apparently the number of rooms you had somehow became a status symbol, with each new hotel fighting to have the most. Either way, if you wanted to spend a night in every hotel room in Vegas, it would take you about 288 years to complete this task. And this isn’t even taking into consideration that new rooms would likely be getting added as you were completing the task, so I would basically call it a task without end. A troubling thought, for any immortals that have committed themselves to this honourable mission.

Jackpots In Japan Are Edible

You might be surprised to learn that in Japan, there are still laws against gambling. Why would you be surprised? Well, because the Japanese are crazy about pachinko machines, which are very similar to slot games. So what, exactly, do all these pachinko machines pay out? They pay out chips, which can be exchanged for meals in various restaurants across Japan. The value of the meal is, of course, always the monetary sum of the jackpot itself. This makes me wonder just how much sushi a person gets when winning a major jackpot. And, furthermore, I suddenly have a pretty major craving for sushi. Excuse me while I take a quick trip to the local seafood place and dump down a handful or two of gambling Doritos on the table. What, not those kinds of chips? Or do the blue bags of Doritos count as… blue chips? In an ideal world maybe. 

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