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Live Casino Technology

Live Casino TechnologyFor those who may not be aware, a live casino is a setup that involves transmitting video feeds of casino games directly to players. The feed is 100% live, meaning that the user is viewing the game exactly as it is happens in real time, wherever they may be in the world. And, of course, users may also place bets on the games in real time, creating the most authentic casino game experience currently available. Those who play live casino games say that it is the most immersive option possible where online casino games are concerned, and few would argue with them on that point. The question you might be asking now is; what technology goes into making such an amazing online setup possible? A live casino was not an option just a few years ago, and yet today new live casinos are springing up on a regular basis. It seems as if some sort of technology tipping point was reached, and now Star Trek like marvels are occurring with casual regularity. Let’s have a closer look at what exactly goes into making a live casino a reality.

Live Streaming Via Broadband 

Many are already predicting that live casinos will gradually overtake the more traditional online casino games, and eventually become the industry standard. This seems logical, and given the current speed at which technology is evolving, this transition may happen sooner rather than later. The one hurdle live casinos have to overcome, however, is that incredibly fast and stable Internet connections are required to make the streaming process possible. There is, after all, a very big difference between watching an HD YouTube video, and streaming HD video in real time. A static video, as found on YouTube, is a single file that a computer can download at its leisure, with the user able to wait if the download process falls behind. A delay of this kind on YouTube may result in the user getting bored and looking at their phone, but in a live casino situation this delay can be catastrophic. The user may lose a bet that has already been placed, which certainly wouldn’t result in any good feelings. So, a fast, stable Internet connection is not just recommended, it’s absolutely a requirement. Thankfully steps can be taken to stabilise the feed at the cost of video quality for the user.

Live Casino Studio

Don’t for a second think that a live casino studio is not a big project. On average a live casino operates on a fairly hefty budget, not equivalent to that of a professional sitcom, but not that far off either.  A professional croupier is required for starters, which doesn’t come cheap. At least two cameramen capture the action, one for the croupier and one for the game, and as many as four cameramen are used in some cases for a wider variety of angles. A sound engineer will also be needed, as well as a technician to relay the information from the game into a digital format that may be streamed to users. And don’t forget the pit boss, who is on standby if any of the users question an event that has occurred in the game. And all this is just for starters. The live video must be streamed to users, which in itself is a fairly complicated setup. A dedicated server is used to handle the exchange of information, and this too must be monitored by a technician. Such servers are pricey, and must be maintained at all times to ensure unbroken streaming. All in all, a live casino is a full time operation with multiple employees. And, given that many live casinos run multiple games at once, the size of the overall operation can be enormous.

Live Casino Future

As it stands, live casinos are growing massively in popularity and it has been said that they may easily become the new industry standard. But is the technology behind live casinos also likely to advance, or perhaps evolve to a new level? With virtual reality ready to become the next big thing in terms of technology, we think that VR live casinos would be an amazing experience. But is it something live casinos would aspire to, and is it even possible? Adapting a video feed to virtual reality would not be an easy process, and the results would not be as convincing as a game designed to be VR, but it certainly is possible. Yes, you could feel like you were sitting in a casino across from the croupier, and look at him or her as if they were in the same room. The thought is almost so science fiction, but again, it is indeed possible. We have no idea if live casinos will head that way, but we sure hope they do. In the meantime, standard live casinos are ready and waiting for you!

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