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Learning Pro Level Roulette From Granddad

Roulette wheel and roulette players My grandfather is a very distinguished gentleman. He also happens to be incredibly charismatic, to the point where he can entertain moderate groups of people with nothing but storytelling alone. It’s rather remarkable to see. And, furthermore, I wonder with a grim sneer why I didn’t inherit any of those charismatic powers. No, instead I was granted the power of typing fast, and that really doesn’t win over groups of people in social situations so much as you would think. Either way, I mentioned to my grandfather recently about my tendency to play online casino games, and boy did his eyes light up. It turns out that my grandfather used to be quite the roulette player back in his day, and apparently learned rather a few essential tips and tricks. Before I knew what was happening he had dragged me down to hi local casino, and was staring at me expectantly, apparently thinking I was about to demonstrate my skills. Little did I know that after only a few rounds of wheel spinning, his look of expectation had turned to one of disapproval. It turned out I had no idea how to play roulette. Especially not according to him.

Appearances Are Everything

My grandfather is not the most computer savvy of people. He owns a mobile phone, but largely ignores it for days at a time, unaware that people are trying to get hold of him. He claims to lose it, anyway, but I strongly suspect that the losing happens on purpose. So, when I explained to him, repeatedly, that I wouldn’t be seen by anyone playing online roulette, his ears seemed to simply switch off. He spent at least an hour explaining to me the proper attire to wear in casinos, and how I should behave. His monologue on how one should treat croupiers went on for another hour, but I decided to just let him talk. At this point I had decided that the interaction with him was going to be a tedious one, but little did I know that granddad really did have a few things to teach me as far as casino games went.

Winning Pocket, Spending Pocket

After the importance of attire monologue, my granddad revealed that he only wore a specific pair of trousers when going to the casino, and not because they accentuated his then-youthful body at the time. The real reason, he explained, was because the trousers had particularly large pockets. And, he explained, the size of your pockets is everything in a casino. Why? Because granddad based his casino spending around a winning pocket, spending pocket system. He, like myself, isn’t great at maths, and so instead of manually keeping track of his money, he simply kept his spending funds in his right pocket, and put all winnings in his left pocket. When his right pocket was empty, no matter what had happened during the evening, he would get a burger and head home. Now, say what you will about my grandfather and his phone losing habits, but it struck me that he really did have a brilliant system going. Three quarters of all my time spent at online casinos involves keeping track of my money, and it suddenly struck me as peculiar that simply having pants would have solved a great amount of maths. Either way, he had clearly grasped the biggest part of playing casino games; leaving when the time was right.

Stick To What Works

The next thing my grandfather taught me was the power of sticking to what works. In my quest to find good roulette strategies, I have delved into just about any combination of spread bets that a person can humanly conceive of. I’ve tried raising the bets at the right times, lowering them, switching the bets around, and always found moderate success. My grandfather, however, very simply stated that sticking with the basics is what worked, and still works for him. The key to some of his most successful evenings, he explained, was simply sticking with the Martingale System for hours at a time. He went into a few more complicated strategies he’d learned, explaining how they cover up to 60% of the bets, but had decided that having to keep track of the betting systems simply sapped the fun out of the game for him. And, he insisted, it was always about having fun first.

Fun First

I learned from my grandfather’s insistence on dressing and behaving right in casinos, and his preference for having fun as opposed to chasing money. I realised that I had perhaps started taking casino games way too seriously. For him, it was the dressing up and enjoyment more than anything, something I had forgotten long ago. Food for thought. And yes, I will be dressing up for my next online roulette session, and my pants may have big pockets. 

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