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Get Pumped Up On Le Kaffee Bar – Not Caffeine

Source: Microgaming Source: Microgaming If you are overly-caffeinated and still feel like you need a shot of espresso to have a thrill, Le Kaffee Bar is for you! The new responsive online slot game will give you all the excitement you need without keeping you up all night!


Coffee is so good… The rich taste of coffee in your mouth, the earthy smell that makes your head tingle and the sudden rush of adrenaline that runs into your veins after you take that first sip… It’s so good that it’s hard to stop drinking it. Some days the lust is so powerful you can drink 3, 4 or 5 cups without even realizing it. After all, coffee isn’t just a drink. It’s an experience. What if I told you there is a way to recreate all the thrill coffee brings to you without all the side-effects? On the 5th of June 2019, Microgaming is releasing a new responsive online slot game: Le Kaffee Bar. It recreates all the atmosphere of a real coffee shop with a little twist. Well a big twist. Instead of having you spend 7 bucks on a large, sugar-free, caramel latte with soy milk, you will get to make frequent wins and have fun for hours. You will also get to take our favourite coffee shop with you, on the subway, on your couch or even the park! Most of all, you even have a shot at winning a jackpot of 85 000 coins!

Le Kaffee Bar

This new online slot game can be enjoyed everywhere at any time. As it is perfectly responsive, it is compatible with mobiles, tablets and computers.  The beautiful graphics, artsy design and vibrant animations will perfectly adapt to any screen resolution. The overall theme will remind you of all the fun times you’ve had in your favourite coffee shop. The mobile casino game also has great payouts, with 243 Ways-to-win, a high RTP of 96.51% and low volatility that guarantees frequent wins. The game is great for all budgets and bets start at 0.30 coins, going up to 30 coins with a default bet set at 2.40. The jackpot can reach a high point of 850 000 coins thanks to the various features: Spin Again, Scatter Collection and Free Spins.

Spin Again

If you get a vertical or horizontal formation of three identical symbols it will trigger the Spin Again feature that consist of one free spin. Moreover, it will also transform the middle symbol into a Wild that will stick during the free spin. If the conditions for a Spin Again are met during a Free Spin, it will be played out with the current multiplier. In the case of a Scatter Symbol appearing during the Free Spin, it will be added to the Cup Meter (see below).

Scatter Collection

In Le Kaffee Bar you get to make a very tasty collection. Whenever a Scatter Symbol appears on either the 1st or 5th reel, it will be added to your Cup Meter located at the top right corner of your screen. Collecting the Scatter Symbols will give you the opportunity to receive Free Spins with a multiplier bonus.

Free Spins

This feature is activated by obtaining Scatter Symbols and will give you Free Spins. The Free Spins are always paid on average bet and will benefit from multipliers. The Scatter Collection will give the following:
  • 10 Scatter Symbols: 10 Free Spins with 3x multiplier
  • 20 Scatter Symbols: 15 Free Spins with 4x multiplier
  • 30 Scatter Symbols: 18 Free Spins with 5x multiplier
Once your Cup Meter reached 10 or 20 Scatter Symbols, you will be offered to either use the Free Spins or keep playing the base game. Once you’ve obtained 30 the Free Spin game will automatically start!

Symbols and paytable

  • Scatter Symbol: represented by beautiful latte art. It doesn’t have a payout but is added to the Cup Meter
  • Wild symbol: appears once you’ve obtained three identical symbols on a horizontal or vertical line. Substitutes for everything except the Scatter Symbol
  • Jessica, the chill barista: pays up to 24 coins
  • Tyler, the handsome bearded guy: pays up to 24 coins
  • Ashley, the nerdy redhead: pays up to 24 coins
  • Cupcake and Italian coffee maker: pay up to 20 coins
  • Ace & King: pay up to 16 coins
  • Queen & Jack: pay up to 12 coins
  • 10 & 9: pay up to 8 coins

Excited already?

Are you ready for a caffeine-free jolt of excitement? If you are already a member of Ruby Fortune, don’t forget to register on the 5th of June and if you are not, it is the time to join in. There is even a great welcome bonus of 750$! So prepare yourself and see you latte (r) at Le Kaffee Bar!
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