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Keno Versus Bingo

Both Keno and bingo are extremely popular online casino games, both with dedicated fan bases of thousands of players. And, at first glance a person may assume that the games are identical. There are, after all, a great deal of similarities between the two games. But upon closer examination one will find that the two have very distinct play styles and differences, making the equally unique and enjoyable in their own way. There is of course no way to say that one game is better than the other, and a person may play either, or both, as they prefer. Separating the two games is important, however, as a person would quickly get confused trying to approach a game in the same fashion as they do other. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between Keno and bingo.

A Closer Look At Bingo

Bingo is a well known game that has been around for a great deal of time, most famously known for the tradition of the numbers called out by an official, and the winner of the game yelling out the word bingo. At its core bingo is a game of pure luck. Players are given a randomly generated ticket, or card, on which a grid of numbers is present. In the old days the card would be a physical object, but in the online era this card is simply a digitally generated item. When the game starts numbers are selected at random, and made known to the players. In online bingo the numbers are often announced by an automated voice. Upon each number being called out, the player will mark the number on the card. This is done by clicking, or tapping the number, depending on which platform the player is using.

Winning Bingo And Bonus Prizes

A player is a winner when the marked numbers on their grid form a complete line, either diagonally, from top to bottom, or from left to right. Upon winning, the player will still call out bingo, even in this online era. Although today this is done automatically once the player declares himself or herself a winner. Note that many modern online bingo games offer special bonus prizes and winning conditions. For example, a player may have one of the numbers on their ticket marked as offering a special prize. If this number is called, the player will win the bonus prize, even if not achieving a complete line.

A Closer Look At Online Keno

Keno is similar to bingo in many ways, as already stated, but with the key difference being that in the game of Keno the player chooses their own numbers. The player may select whichever numbers they desire, within those that will be played, with the amount of numbers allowed varying depending on the game itself. Upon the player indicating which numbers they would like, a card or ticket is generated, with the numbers chosen made official. Winning numbers are then likewise selected at random, with the player marking the numbers off on their card, if they are present. Plus, another key difference is that the player may place individual betting amounts on the numbers, as they choose. For example, a player may place a higher bet on specific numbers, in hopes of those numbers come up, with higher payouts granted on those chosen numbers. Group betting options are also allowed.

Winning In Keno And Bonuses

Very simply, if a player’s numbers come up in Keno, they are going to receive a payout. Again, the payout is dependent on the bets placed on each number. The real trick of the game is to balance out betting amounts with payouts. If a player bets on five numbers, and only wins on a single number, a good approach would be that even a single winning number should cover the costs of all the bets placed. Keno also has bonus payout systems, which will vary depending on the rules of the game. One such bonus system pays out if the player manages to have three or more of their chosen numbers come up in the game.

Where To Play Bingo And Keno

The majority of online casinos will offer Keno and bingo to players. Given that the games are so popular, many online casinos will even offer both games. In order to player, simply visit the appropriate section of the website, see which versions of each game are offered, and choose one that suits your preferences. Such games will generally have play times indicated, and depending on how popular the games are, may have games running as frequently as every fifteen minutes. Keep in mind that it is possible to participate in online games of Keno and bingo without actually being present for the number callings. A player need simply purchase an official ticket, and have the results sent to them via email or text message.

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