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Introduction To Online Slots Tournaments

As a person who plays a lot of slots games I like to think that I have a pretty educated opinion on them. Or to put it another way; I can boast that I have spent dozens of hours spinning virtual reels, and I like to think that that makes me somewhat of a slots game connoisseur. I can spot those that have had real talent working on them, and appreciate it when it’s clear that a game has had real time put into it’s design. And there are, make no mistake, many slots games that I consider to be real bona fide works of art. Avalon II for example.

Shared Tournament Events

Imagine my surprise and overwhelming delight when I learned that online slots tournaments were a thing. I all but clapped my hands and leapt for joy, knowing that finally, as if a gift descended from heaven itself, I could share my slots game experience with other online players. I’m aware that slots tournaments are not true multiplayer, and that each player is still limited to their own game, but it is nice to have a competitive edge. The idea behind slots tournaments is that players attempt to achieve the highest bank balance by the end of a set period of time. It is, honestly speaking, a great deal more fun than I thought it would be, and it also plays right into my quest for competitiveness and the fact that I love to beat others and walk away the winner. There, I said it. The shared element of the tournaments is that each person participating has their bank balance displayed on a communal leader board. This means, of course, that players always know how well they are doing, and how far they have to catch up in order to be in the lead. When the time runs out, the person at the top gets the prize. The prize itself varies depending on which tournament you choose to be a part of.

Striving To Defeat Slots Playing Grandmothers

My person experience playing a slots tournament came down to defeating a player named SlotGran. I did not know who SlotGran was, or what she looked like, assuming it was even a she, but quickly learned that the person was some sort of slot playing wizard. Every time I thought I was gaining on her, she somehow managed to jump ahead, much to my dismay. It wasn’t long before I had created a personality and appearance for her in my head. SlotGran, I decided, was a very stern, no nonsense old lady in her 80s. Her face never expressed a single iota of joy, even with every enormous win she somehow managed to achieve. Her gigantic, inch thick spectacles made her expressionless eyes enormous, and her mouth, permanently stretched into a scowl, would surely only utter sneers. That is, it would only utter sneers if she ever dared acknowledged her dismayed opponents, which of course she never would. Communicating with the peasants would be beneath SlotGran, after all.

Losing To Slots Game Playing Grandmothers

When the tournament finally came to an end SlotGran had defeated me. I came in at second place, taking away the less impressive second place prize. Giving the first place name one long, indignant stare, I logged off, but swore in my heart that vengeance would one day be mine. A few days later I decided to return to the same online casino, and give another slots tournament a bash, having enjoyed it, despite my defeat at the hands of the 80 year demon in human form. Half of me hoped she wouldn’t be there, while the other half hoped I would have a chance at revenge. Upon the game starting, SlotGran was nowhere to be seen. I breathed a sigh of relief and started playing. But, with the tournament about hallway finished, a new name popped up on the leader board; SlotGran had come to take my head a second time. I scoffed, thinking there was no way she could catch up with the game half finished. But, and I swear this is true, SlotGran flew to first place in less than ten minutes. I can’t fathom how it’s possible, knowing that the games are strictly luck based, but SlotGran seems to have luck only achievable by making deals with the devil. She won again. SlotGran, I have to say you’re good, but I’ll get better. And now that I have discovered the wonderful world of online slots tournament I’m out to take that title off your hands and strip your blue-rinsed, tightly permed hair of the crown. 

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