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International Legislation for Online Gambling

If you are new to the world of online gambling you may be wondering if it is legal to start playing casino games for real money in your country. The truth is that online gambling is not legal in all countries. Although Internet casinos can be accessed by anyone around the world, there is no single piece of legislation that deals with the legality of online gambling on a global scale. Instead, most countries have their own laws as to what is deemed legal and what is not.

Playing in a Foreign Country

So what happens if you live in a restricted country but you play at an international or offshore online casino? This is where the lines begin to blur. If an online casino holds a valid gambling licence and it accepts international players, there should be no problem. In the US where online gambling is illegal, the government has imposed transaction bans on international gambling sites. So even if you wanted to play, your bank would not approve the transaction.

The Benefits of Online Gambling

In countries like New Zealand and the UK, online gambling is perfectly legal and is encouraged. The legalisation of online casinos boosts the economy and increases foreign interest. The success of online casinos has boosted many countries economy, as digital gaming destinations can bring in huge revenue on an annual basis. While many countries still enforce a ban on Internet-based gambling this could all change, especially as there have been positive effects on the economy of countries that have relaxed their laws.

The Future of Online Gambling

Unless politically motivated, global online gambling is an inevitability. With worldwide interest in online casinos on the rise, many states and countries are already petitioning to remove the ban. As the world of online commerce grows and becomes increasingly intertwined, more and more countries will discover that Internet gambling offers more positive opportunities than anything else.

What You Should Know

For now, global opinion on legalising gambling online seems to be split into two sides. While a global resolution is not on the cards just yet, it could well be in the future. If you are unsure of whether online gambling is illegal in your country, you can do a simple web search and determine what laws affect you. With more and more countries joining the online gambling movement each year, players should be cautiously optimistic, especially since playing at a licensed, legal casino ensures that operations are well regulated.

On the lighter side: Strange Casino Laws

Monte Carlo is home to the super-wealthy, and tax haven to the shrewd. However, thanks to a bylaw of the principality of Monaco, residents of Monte Carlo are forbidden from gambling in what is arguably the city’s most famous institution, the Grande Casino. While the casino was endorsed by the Grimaldi family as a way of rescuing the financially ailing country after the War, it was recognised that allowing citizens to take part in this was counter- productive, a form of taxation really, in a country that pays no taxes.

Unusual Laws in the USA

For the desperate Monacan gambler, there are other options at least. The US is, however, as famous for its variety of gambling laws as its casinos themselves. Certainly the state of Maine is not the destination of choice for the high rollers, as here it is forbidden to win more than 3 dollars at any game of chance! And while an archaic law allows for unregulated gambling on a Native American reservation, in Arizona it is still illegal to engage in a game of cards with a Native American in public. Still, it’s better than the state of Indiana, where any game of cards, regardless of race or stake, is illegal, and possession of a deck carries a fine of 3 dollars! (There go your winnings from Maine.) For those looking for the ultimate in distractive casino techniques, be warned, ladies in Oklahoma must be fully dressed when gambling. The law is mum as to the state of dress of their male companions, however, and the reason as to why you can’t play poker against a lady in a bikini is not explained. At least you’d know they aren’t hiding cards anywhere!

Libraries are for Books Only

In the UK, an Act approved in 1898 expressly forbids gambling in libraries, which, now that I think about it, would make great venues for an intense game or two. Naturally, this now includes online slots for those availing themselves of the Internet facilities.

Super Bets on the Super Bowl

While only a few states in the USA allow for betting on sports events, the biggest bets in the world are those placed on the NFL Super Bowl Final. Laws across the US banning sports betting mean that a large percentage of bets come in from other countries, which is surprising as American football is a game that’s only really played on home turf.
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