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Interesting Online Slot Variations

The same design of slot games have been used since slot games were first invented, many decades ago. Besides a few minor changes, the exact same play system is used today. It is true that slot games are now digital in nature, but the core of what slot games are is virtually identical. Reels are spun, symbols are lined up in the play area, and payouts are made according to the value of matching sequences. For this reason it can be said that slot games are among the most perfectly designed of luck based play systems, and ingenious in their simplicity. There are, however, a number of new online slot games that don’t seem to be slot games at all, designed more to resemble classic puzzle games. Using a variety of unique designs, advanced graphics, and impressive soundtracks, these games seem to defy what a slot game is. Many online players are attracted to this new wave of games, amazed at how different they seem from traditional slot games. Let’s have a closer look at these new games, and discuss how different they really are from classic slot game designs, and whether they deserve the time of traditional slot game fanatics.

Amazing New Game Designs

Although still found in the slot game sections of online casinos, new wave slot game variations appear to be a new system. Such games may involve coloured gems or blocks falling from the top of the play area, and landing atop one another to create a random selection in a grid format. If the coloured items create a matching sequence, they vanish, allowing the shapes above to fall into the empty spaces. This in turn allows new shapes to enter from the top of the play area. The idea is that the shapes are affected by gravity, with an endless supply of new shapes waiting above the play area. Payouts are made for every matching sequence created, as well as added payouts for each chain reaction sequence that is created, by the movement of the shapes as they readjust to fill empty spaces. Its a unique, fun system, and certainly extremely stimulating to look at it.

Still A Slot Game At Heart

But, is this system really that different from a classic slot game? It certainly seems different on the surface, and one would be forgiven for thinking that design was far removed from how slot games function. The truth is, however, that although the games appear very different, they are in essence very similar systems. Both slot games and new falling shape games are essentially based on an RNG system, otherwise known as a random number generator system. When a slot game spins its reels, a random number generator decides which symbols will appear in each section of the play area. When matching sequences occur, it is completely by chance. In the falling shapes game a random number generator is also used, which determines which shapes will fall from the top of the play area, and how likely matching shapes are to be beside one another. It is completely up to chance, but with a fixed ratio of how likely matches are to be created. Just like in a slot game. The shapes in the game disappear when matched, and create a cascading effect, allowing new shapes to fall into the play area. This mechanic seems to defy everything a slot game is based around. It is, however, still controlled by a fixed random number generator ratio as to which shapes will match, and create matching sequences. Since there are only so many shapes, the payout ratio will always be based on a fixed RTP ration, or return to player ratio.

A World Of Variety

So although the new and fascinating wave of games looks very different, they work in very much the same way as traditional slot games. This does not mean, however, that they are not still great fun to play, and incredibly entertaining. Those who may have cautious trying out these new games, however, for fear they are different from slot games, need not fear. The only thing these games do offer is a variety of choice from traditional slot games, and a new and interesting way to test lady luck, and perhaps come out with pockets loaded with cash. The games still function in the same way as slot games, requiring an upfront bet to be made, and a button to be clicked or tapped in order for the shapes to fall. Each new bet will clear the play area, and allow a new selection of shapes to fill the play area. Look for these new slot games at your favorite online casino and give them a try. If nothing else, they will certainly provide a unique game playing experience at an online casino.

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