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Instant Win vs. Casino Strategy Games

As the popularity of online casino games grow, so do the variety of games available to choose from. Most online casino games can be categorized in 2 types: instant win and strategy games, and many players enjoy a combination of both.

Instant Win Games

All the top-ranked online casinos now offer a wide range of casino games in the instant win category, such as bingo, scratch cards and there are many varieties to choose from in each category. Bingo has seen a noticeable growth in popularity since the rise of sites that deal purely in bingo games, and offer a wide range of themes to keep things different and exciting. Most bingo services offer a chat capability, allowing players to form connections. The popularity of scratch cards has not waned since they became available online, from their humble beginnings at corner cafes. With the low cost of purchasing a virtual scratch card and the chance of winning a massive amount of money, many enjoy the thrill of online scratch cards. 

Strategy Games

The most popular online casino strategy games are blackjack, poker, roulette and all require a certain skill set and knowledge base in order to be successful. Due to this need, a quick search for any of the aforementioned games and strategy will produce an incredible range of results, all claiming to know the ultimate trick to being successful. What most players enjoy about strategy games, is that they require more thought and present a far greater challenge than the basic instant win games, and a sense of accomplishment is often felt when you’re successful at a strategy game versus the pure chance of instant win games.

Better or Simply Different?

  • Instant win games are easier and most offer a higher payout percentage than strategy games
  • Strategy games require skill and knowledge of how a game works in order to be successful
  • Instant win games are often cheaper to participate in, which allows a players bankroll to stretch a bit further
  • Strategy game buy-ins can range from low to high, but it is very easy to overspend on strategy games, as the need for redemption is common following a loss.
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