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Indoor Plants That Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Popular indoor plants Source: Pixabay Having a houseplant is good for your health, and not just because they’re beautiful. This is because they do the opposite of what we do; they release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, freshening the air and eliminating harmful toxins. NASA research has revealed that houseplants can remove as much as 87% of air toxins every day and studies have also shown that they improve concentration, boost productivity, reduce stress levels, and put you in a better mood. This means that there is scientific proof that if you’re preparing for an important meeting or relaxing at home playing at an online casino, indoor plants can actually give you the edge! If you ever needed a reason to cultivate a green thumb, this is it! Take a look at the top 10 plants that look good and make you feel good too!

The 10 Most Wanted

  1. Aloe

There are over 300 species of the aloe plant, but Aloe barbadensis, or aloe vera, is the most well known one. It’s a succulent, and evergreen perennial, originating from the Arabian Peninsula. Aloe gel has healing properties, soothing skin burns and cuts, and the plant can also monitor the quality of the air in your home or office. It can help clear it of the pollutants found in many popular chemical cleaning products, and when the levels of these become excessive, its leaves will display brown spots.

  1. Bamboo Palm

The attractive bamboo palm made it on to NASA’s list of the best clean-air plants, scoring a purifying grade of 8.4, proving to be very effective at clearing out trichloroethylene and benzene. It’s a multi-trunk palm that can reach as high as 10 feet tall, and get between 5 and 7 feet wide.

  1. Golden Pothos

This plant made it on to the list thanks to its ability to remove formaldehyde from the air. It is also known as pothos, the money plant, or devil’s ivy, and is of the arum family, native to the south-eastern parts of Asia.

  1. Peace Lily

This beautiful plant is a wonderfully low-maintenance one to add to your home or office. Peace lilies reduce the overall toxins in the air. They are not true lilies, but a member of the Araceae family instead. Just remember their pollen and flowers can be poisonous for cats and dogs; so keep them away of from your furry friends!

  1. Philodendron

This plant is a popular choice for indoor spaces in general, thanks to it being easy to look after, and the fact that they grow in lovely decorative vines. Like the English ivy, they are also very good at absorbing xylene and last for a long time if you look after them properly. They are a large genus of flowering plants in the Araceae family, like peace lilies.

  1. Red-Edged Dracaena

This beautiful plant can grow to touch the ceiling, making it a good choice for not just to boost your health and mood, but to fill up empty spaces, too. It takes out toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene. It’s a tropical, evergreen plant originally from Madagascar.

  1. Rubber Trees

They’re great for cleaning the air, and are incredibly easy to grow, thriving in even dim light and a cool climate. They’re powerful eliminators of toxins and will purify the air around them. Officially known as Hevea brasiliensis, this rubberwood species is native to the forests of the Amazon region.

  1. Skullcap Plants

Studies have shown that skullcaps have powerful antioxidant properties that help protect us against anxiety and depression. So, if you’re having trouble sleeping due to these conditions, grabbing one of these plants for your bedroom is a great choice. Skullcap plants a hardy perennial herb belonging to the mint family, Lamiaceae, native to North America.

  1. Snake Plants, or Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Snake plants don’t need much light or water to sustain them, so they can be put almost anywhere. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen at night, instead of during the day like most other plants, so adding one to your bedroom is a great idea for a boost of clean air. Sansevieria trifasciata, officially, is native to tropical West Africa, from Nigeria up east to the Congo.

  1. Water lettuce, or Pistia

This is a floating plant, and it benefits the environment with lower room temperatures by releasing vapour and increasing humidity levels. Sometimes known as the shellflower, it is of the arum family, Araceae, like others on this list. Go green inside for your health Source: Pixabay

Benefits You Can Expect to Enjoy

When the oxygen levels around you increase, your anxiety levels get reduced. Additionally, stress and worry can be linked to high toxin levels present in most offices and households. Maintaining plants that can clean the air around you will improve these. All potted indoor houseplants contain soil microbes called M.vaccae, also known as ‘outdoorphins’. These beneficial bacteria boost mood and reduce levels of unease and strain. They also release phytoncides, mood-boosting compounds, which enhance our immune systems. Taking care of houseplants also needs you to be somewhat mindful, pay attention, and practice self-care, all of which are excellent daily habits to implement.

Turn Your Brown Thumb Green

Start off with easy plants, like cacti or succulents. The former need only a light misting of water every now and then, and the latter are not only low maintenance but also well-suited to most spaces. They work best on windowsills, where they can get the sunlight they need, and the main thing you’ll need to do is make sure not to overwater them. Excess water becomes stagnant and ends up causing root rot, which will kill your plant. Do a quick Google search on how much water your plant needs, or find out from the nursery you buy it from, and then either water it from the bottom, with a saucer, or mist it regularly with an atomiser. This will increase the humidity around your plant and make sure it – and you - stays happy!

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