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How Online Casinos Have Changed Since The 90’s

How Online Casinos Have Changed Since The 90’s Source: TekRevue You reach a certain age where you really start to feel the years between you and the younger generations. I, for example, recently tried to make conversation with computer science students. Who would be more inclined, I thought to myself, to appreciate my ability to still use the Dos operating system than computer science students? Surely they would clap and cheer upon learning I had retained the ability to manually type in computer commands. They were not impressed. Their blank stares only served to further wound my fragile, clearly now-ageing ego. Times change, and times change quickest of all in the world of technology. You only need to look back a few years, and be reminded of the horror show that was mobile phones in the early 2000’s. To say that a great deal of progress has been made since then is the understatement of the century. It’s more accurate to say that phones from the early 2000’s feel like they’re from another dimension. But then that level of gargantuan progress can be seen in all areas of technology. More so when you look at how the online world has advanced. Specifically; online casinos.

Online World Evolution

Browsers today are universal, and best work flawlessly the moment they are downloaded. Back then in the 90’s, there was no guarantee that the browser being used would be compatible with the information being received from a website. It was a bit of a gamble, therefore, that a website would display correctly at all. And, if we’re talking about something as complicated as an online casino, the base data required for the casino to operate could not simply be downloaded, installed, and viola, magic. Well, it could have been downloaded, but a person wanting to play best be sure they still wanted to play in 24 hours or so hours, when the download completed. Instead the base data was provided on a disk, or stack of disks, that had to be manually installed. After which the person began the arduous task of setting up the software to function with the Internet connection.  Good luck. Back then you had to start earning your computer science degree, or simply find another source of entertainment. Forget the 90s, step back with Ruby Fortune Online Casino into the 80s for a whole heap of groovy online slots fun. Crazy 80s has wins to make you celebrate disco tech style! Crazy 80s

Mega Leaps In Online Tech

I remember when my family first got the Internet. No one else in my family was really interested in it, but to me it was like being handed the Holy Grail. I had heard stories of what the Internet was capable of, but had got only fleeting glimpses at a friend’s houses. It looked magical. The Internet, I had been told, could access a virtually infinite world of games online. You only need to know where to look. So, with hands trembling in anticipation, I spent the next several days trying to set up the modem so that it worked. And that right there is the biggest major evolution of technology. Convenience. In the 90’s software and hardware companies did not have any intention with working together with one another. They did their own thing, screw what the competition was doing, and expected that the consumer would figure out how to put it all together in a functional fashion. Setting up a modem was a nightmare. And, when it finally was set up, the download speeds left much to be desired, as already mentioned. I recall leaving a 40-megabyte game downloading overnight. It was not finished in the morning.

The Convenience Of Now

Today I expect to plug in a router, and for the thing to work instantaneously. Hell, if it doesn’t work in under 5 seconds, I get impatient. Online casinos will work in virtually every browser, guaranteed, with required information streamed as is needed. This level of convenience is otherworldly, and a 90’s online casino game player would likely drop dead that so many companies and developers were working together in harmony, with so many other companies and developers. Browser developers today work within the set standards, as do online casino game developers. It’s really rather astonishing when you stop to think about it, given how chaotic and Wild West software development was a decade or two ago. That really is the sign of true progress in an industry; standards being created, accepted, and used, even by entities that are ultimately in competition with one another. Today’s online casinos truly are a demonstration of what can happen when an industry hits its stride. All the separate parts, from the core coding upwards, work flawlessly in conjunction with every other required part. Browsers, transfer of information, user input, and so on; it’s a well-oiled machine created by dozens of independent mechanics. And, most incredible of all, anyone can use it, without need of a computer science degree.

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