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Hellboy™ is Summoned in an Online Slots Extravaganza

The superhero demon known as Hellboy™ first appeared in August of 1993 in the San Diego Comic-Con Comics number two edition. Since then, he has made several appearances in one-shots, eponymous miniseries, intercompany crossovers and two full length, live action feature films. The films were released in two thousand and four and two thousand and eight and starred Ron Perlman as the benevolent demon who was summoned from Hell as an infant in 1944 by the Nazis during World War II. He was then discovered by the Allied powers and put to work as an enforcer for the United States Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defence. The BPRD is an agency, which has no government affiliation but exists for the sole purpose of keeping the forces of darkness and evil in check. This often includes Nazis and beasts from the depths of the underworld. This superhero is hard to miss with his bright red skin, jet-black beard, hooved feet, and filed off demon horns. If that wasn’t enough of a hint that he comes from the underworld, you’d just have to check out his enormous right hand that is made completely of stone. This Right Hand of Doom was a gift from his biological demon father. Oddly enough, he also smells like dry roasted peanuts. Perhaps it from the time he spent as a baby in the fire and brimstone. Always ready to crack a joke, this demon turned hero of the world was probably one of the more unique and interesting characters to be introduced into the world of comics in quite some time. Perhaps the world’s greatest paranormal investigator, Hellboy has earned a top spot as one of the most endearing characters to see big screen time. Lucky for fans, Microgaming has great a Hellboy slot that allows players to experience the fun, mayhem and paranormal struggle of this giant red demon right from the comfort of their own computer.

From the Comics

The first thing you’ll notice when sitting down to Hellboy is the art style. As about as true to the original comics as you’re going to get without actually opening one up, this slot uses a style that any Hellboy fan will be familiar with. Everything from the colour scheme to the drawing style is a close mirror of the original 1993 release. The background is a dark mix of city skylines and dark creatures that would make Lovecraft himself do a double take. The reels are surrounded by boxes showing the paylines which are available to the player. This slot has twenty paylines covering its five reels and the betting and customisation options are robust. Towards the bottom of the slot, the player can adjust coin value, lines played, and coins played. If you’re interested in getting straight to the high stakes bet, there’s also a bet max button highlighted in bright orange and white. The player’s win and balance are also shown along with an option to view the paytable and symbols.

Dark Bonus Features

If you’re a fan of mini games, you’ll be pleased to know that the Underworld Bonus is available and quite simple to activate. Just land three or more of the Fist of Doom symbols anywhere on the reel s and the feature will kick off. Guide Hellboy through levels of various tunnels by making the correct choice on where to go next. You must battle monsters along the way to reach Relic of Power and earn the big cash bonus. Are you ready to save the world? Give Hellboy online slot by Microgaming a shot!

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