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Google Maps’ Hidden Secrets

The Google Maps car The Internet can be as entertaining as it can be dark, and, in many ways, it provides an accurate, or mostly accurate, view of our world. It is tempting to say it can be as entertaining as the games you can play at Ruby Fortune Casino. Nowhere is this more obvious than in everyone’s trusty navigational go-to, Google Maps. It is packed with handy features, many of which are some of its best-kept secrets, and it offers us more than a bird’s eye-view of pretty much the entire planet. Well, except for the bits that have been pixelated.

Mysteries On the Maps

You have probably heard of Atlantis, Mu, and other fabled places that are said to have vanished without a trace below the waves. While continued scanning of Google Maps has yet to reveal any clues to such locations, it does offer some mystery places of its own. Snow Saddle, also known as Kantega, sits at 22 000 feet in the Himalaya Mountains in Nepal. For reasons known only to Google, the entire summit has been edited out. Others, however, have their own ideas. According to some conspiracy theorists, the Nazis explored the area during World War II and found a UFO base. The theorists allege the area is under special investigation, which is why we are not allowed to see it. An apparently unremarkable atoll named Moruroa in the French Polynesian Islands is another of the Google Maps mysteries. While some areas are visible, other sections of the spit of land are impossible to see; sections said to be the site of buildings, an airstrip, and docks. A more plausible explanation may be found in the fact that France used the atoll as a nuclear weapons testing site for 30 years. A site in Greenland known as Broken Arrow is another pixelated area on Google Maps. The site is the alleged location of the Chrome Drome, a nuclear weapons facility used by the US during the Cold War with the then-Soviet Union. An accident reportedly occurred, and caused radiation poisoning in staff stationed at the facility. The reasons for the site’s pixilation remains unconfirmed. The blurring out of the house of a woman in Stockton-on-Tees UK, is also an unsolved mystery, as much as for us as for the owner. She remains mystified by the inexplicable editing out of her residence. Thankfully, the hidden casinos you probably never knew about are quite easy to spot on Google Maps as they are to find online, and there are a few places that will make you wonder if the Maps Car did not drive down Alice’s Wonderland rabbit hole by accident.

Weird Google Maps Sites

As much as Google Maps has a few mysteries of offer, it also reveals the weird and wonderful senses of humour of people around the world. Intrepid explorers of the maps have found swastikas planted in forests, buildings shaped like distorted rabbits, and various things in the shape of phallic graffiti found on school desks and public toilet doors. Such sights may never have been seen without the help of the world’s most popular online maps and navigational resources.

Little-Known Features

2 of the lesser-known features of Google Maps are secrets that need to be uncovered and put to good use. You can: Create customised lists of locations such as restaurants or nightclubs You can save maps for offline use, including searching and viewing, by selecting the Offline Areas option under the Menu There is no doubt about it. Google Maps has been one of the innovations that have changed the way we see the world, even when parts of it are pixelated. YouTube: 

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