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Going Underground, Elon Musk Style

Underground Source: Pixabay Underground travel is nothing new. In fact, it’s so effective – and fast – that millions of residents in China, America, Europe and other leading countries need not bother with alternative means of passage, especially as public transport services are often much more cost effective and convenient than private ones are. What’s more, public transport also has an added perk for those using it: a mental break. No more road rage, muscle cramps or wasted time – instead, commuters can enjoy some time out by settling into a good book, catching up on world news in the local paper, listening to some music, taking a nap or simply having a conversation. Considering that Los Angeles already has such an underground public transport system in place, which services around 44 million people annually, we couldn’t help but wonder why Elon Musk is creating his own. Okay, fine. We can think of one reason, which is a foreseen speed of 150mph – a record-breaking pace that no other underground transport system currently achieves. Though, we do have our doubts, seeing as speeds of 40mph were the maximum reached during Musk’s demonstration reveal. As for the other valid reasons for another underground transport system? To be honest, we’re not sure there are any. But, as things go, Elon Musk has never really been the poster child for thinking things through, has he? Let Ruby Fortune Online Casino help you tunnel your way to fantastic reward opportunities! Get $750 in bonus cash and let the gaming begin!

Things That Go Tweet in the Night

While money doesn’t seem to be an object for South African born Musk, he has been criticised for being a little too flippant when it comes to voicing his ideas on Twitter, a social media platform used by Musk on a regular basis. In fact, his tweet regarding taking Tesla private in 2018 landed him in quite a lot of hot water, resulting in a $40 million fine among other things. This is just one example of Musk’s often impulsive behaviour – and we haven’t even started on his private life.

From Justine to Talulah…to Talulah Again

While his first 8-year marriage, which produced a set of twins and triplets, seemed quite stable to the outside world, Elon Musk’s then wife, Justine (nee Wilson) later admitted that it was full of flaws. Not only was her husband somewhat controlling, but he was also so heavily invested in his work that Justine became increasingly lonely. After agreeing to couples therapy, Musk quickly changed his tune, filing for divorce after just three sessions. A (very) short while after this, Musk began dating Talulah Riley. Whim -sovelluksen kautta voi vuokrata myös auton Source: Pixabay Tying the knot in 2010, Talulah and Elon divorced in 2012, only to remarry in 2013. But wait, it gets better: they divorced yet again in 2016. After Justine’s confessions about what ‘wife life’ was like with Elon, one can’t help but wonder whether Talulah’s experience was the same – and why it seems that most of Elon’s pursuits, whether professional or private, are approached in the same way: impulsively. A harsh statement, for sure, but given how Rolling Stone so bluntly put it in their exclusive interview with the tech tycoon, “So far, Musk, 46, has accomplished none of [his] goals” – in other words, he doesn’t ever quite seem to achieve what he sets out to, brilliant as his ideas may be. In light of this, will Elon Musk’s transport system lift off? Only time will tell. If the past is anything to go by, though, we aren’t all that optimistic. But then again, there’s no telling what the future holds.
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