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Gaming Resolutions for 2017

2017 has just kicked off and online casino enthusiasts across the globe are guaranteed to be thinking that this is the year the wins roll in. While playing online casino games for real money is a risky business and lady luck is a sporadic visitor, there are ways in which you can strive for a more profitable experience. Responsible gaming is the main goal for any New Year resolution you may wish to make but always stick to them if you want to feel their true value. Here are some resolutions from Ruby Fortune that should be considered but feel free to come up with your own which will help make 2017 your best gaming year yet.

Money Management Resolutions

There are a number of resolutions you can make and stick to regarding your money spent and won. Consider some of these when thinking about how 2017 can be your year for successful online casino gaming.
  • Set yourself a budget for betting and do not exceed it at any time. Your budget can be a weekly or monthly allowance, which is set at an amount you can afford to lose and should always be kept separate from your personal funds. If you have an unlucky streak you won’t be losing more than that by sticking to the budget and any wins incurred are yours to put towards a nest egg and not risked by betting further.
  • If you do feel the urge to bet further with any winnings, then discipline yourself and only use a small percentage of it. The remainder amount can then be saved but be careful with what you spend your money on. A great resolution to stick to is not spending all your winnings and actually investing it or saving it for your future.
  • Don’t be afraid of taking advantage of the bonuses and promotions offered. Top online casinos like Ruby Fortune know what players need to add value to their bankroll and while they do require certain terms and conditions to be met, their aim is to keep players happy and returning so you won’t come across any ridiculously unattainable requirements.

Resolutions for Better Game Play

Here are some resolutions that will have you enjoying yourself far more than before.
  • Play with a clear head and focus on having fun. If you are managing your funds you won’t be too upset by the small losses incurred. Rather opt for an enjoyable time while focusing better on the game play.
  • Definitely stay clear from drinking too much. Alcohol has a tendency to make you feel invincible and you may let all of your inhibitions go and bet far too much. You may also lose focus on how the game unfolds in front of you.
  • Give new games a try and be adventurous. There is no need to stick to the same old games when new and exciting ones are released all the time. Try other types of casino games too as they can be just as rewarding as your old favourites.
  • Learn the rules and any basic strategies, if needed, before placing real money bets. Demo play allows you to try out the game, so take advantage of this and get the basics down before making real money bets.
  • Don’t think that winning streaks will last so never keep betting winnings because a major loss my follow.
  • Never chase your losses. There is no guarantee that a win is sure to come after a series of losses. It may not so walk away and resume playing at a later stage.
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