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Your Future As A live Casino Croupier

If you haven’t already visited a live online casino, I suggest you do so at your earliest convenience. It’s a rather engaging experience, and for me was a testimony as to just how impressive online streaming technology has become. If you had told fifteen year old me that such a thing would be possible, he would probably have wet his pants in excitement. The thing that stands out most about online casinos is, naturally, the croupiers. Now, everyone can appreciate an obscenely attractive person, and I for one can’t help but be dazzled by a lady who knows her way around a seductive smile. I had heard that live casino croupiers were a sight to behold, but didn’t fully appreciate exactly how much until seeing for myself. I also recently read an article that said live casino croupiers were earning a sort mini-celebrity status. Visitors were migrating towards particular live casino rooms just to see a specific croupier, which I can fully understand. But this got me thinking; what exactly does it take to be a live casino croupier, and how lucrative a job is it?


Upon researching the job of being a casino croupier, I learned a bunch of pretty interesting things. First, it turns out that it is not a job that just anyone off the street can do. You have to know the game you are watching over back to front, and also have to have a damn good head for mathematics. That means, sadly, that I personally am never going to be a croupier. My maths is appalling. Damn. A croupier applicant also has to learn a number of essential etiquette rules, which I have noticed from watching croupiers at work. There are ways in which chips are to be manipulated, never by hand, and specific ways in which a croupier is allowed to handle cards. It all strikes me as something similar to learning how to eat properly in fancy restaurants, which is a chore in itself that gives me anxiety. Strike two; I will definitely never be a croupier.


I also learned that the base salary for a croupier, specifically in the United States in a land based casino, is pretty damn abysmal. It turns out that in the USA a croupier is supposed to make a good amount of their salary entirely from tips. Rumour is that croupiers sometimes get enormous tips, especially in the case of a person at their table winning big. This, if I’m using my brain here for a seconds, seems like a bit of a double-edged sword. Will players also punch you repeatedly in the face if they lose a big bet? In Europe croupiers are not allowed to be given tips, but have a higher base salary. Still, not a particularly great amount, and I’m honestly a little surprised by this. It seems like a job that requires a great deal of skill. This tradition of no tips being allowed extends to being an online casino croupier, which means that there is no chance of scoring a quick mini-jackpot. So, it comes down to the base salary, and live casino croupiers, it turns out, earn about the same as real world European croupiers. So not an especially huge amount.

 Live Casino Croupier Skills

Being a live casino croupier also has additional skill requirements, beyond those of a standard croupier. Live casino croupiers need to know how to make the most of being on camera, which is not as easy as you might think. Lots of smiling is required, lots of making seductive eye contact with a lens, and plenty of making sure you are looking at the correct camera. So, I’m afraid to say, being a live casino croupier seems to be only for those who are not satisfied with the level of work needed to be a standard croupier, and demand a bit more pressure and special training. It doesn’t sound as good a job as I was hoping, which makes me a little sad. I really wanted those attractive ladies to be getting well paid for all their smiling.

A Growing Industry

I do suspect, however, that the more popular live casinos become, and the more viewers a specific croupier can draw, the more likely they are to be paid extra for special appearances. I can imagine that live casinos will want a specific croupier, knowing that he or she will draw more customers. This is just my own speculation, of course, but I can’t really see the live casino industry advancing any other way. Looks like your lifelong dream of being a well-paid live casino croupier is alive and kicking after all. 

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