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Flat Betting Systems Explained

There are negative progression betting systems, and positive betting progression systems, both of which require that you raise your betting amount in particular circumstances. In the case of a negative progression system the idea is to raise the betting amount in the case of losing, which assumes that soon after a loss a win must be achieved, and you will get the most out of it. A positive progression system is the opposite, which assumes that in the case of winning, you may be on a winning streak, and should instead raise the bet in the assumption of more wins. Both systems work. A flat betting system also works, and says that you should not raise or lower bets regardless of what is occurring, but rather keep the betting amount consistent. The objective of a flat betting system is to avoid any situations where you may find yourself suddenly broke, which is always a possibility with negative or positive progression systems. A flat betting system is the safest, and is often preferred by those who are new to a game and still looking to properly understand the mechanics.

No Big Wins, No Big Losses

A flat betting system is the safest, but it also has one major drawback. Namely; the flat betting system will generally not win any significant amounts of profit. You can always assume that since you are betting the same amount, you are only ever going to get the same fixed amount back, regardless of any win achieved. Therefore, since risk is minimised to your bank balance, the chances of winning big are also minimised. This is the trade off of betting flat. If wanting to make significant profits, a more risk orientated betting system will be required. If you are about to investigate a new casino game for the first time, try using a flat betting system before advancing to a more profitable system. It is an excellent idea to experience a game first hand before venturing into potentially dangerous territory. In fact, it is highly recommended to regularly play any favourite game with a flat betting system, or at least initially play flat before betting big and taking risks. The period of playing with a flat system will keep the rules of the game fresh in your mind, and keep your instincts sharp. In other words; the flat betting system is the best way to practise with minimal risk involved.

Know Your Limits

One of the most important aspects of a flat betting system is wisely managing your bank balance. Many players tend to bet too big, which always creates the risk of hitting bankruptcy. It is instead a good idea to set aside a certain percentage of your total balance, regardless of how small or big that bank balance is. A great rule of thumb is to bet no more than 5% of your total balance. And this should be the maximum amount bet. A standard bet can be no more than 2% of your total balance, if you believe this is a more fitting amount. Importantly, it is absolutely essential to use your money wisely, regardless of the betting system you are currently using. At this point you may be thinking that 2% of your total balance is an extremely small bet, so much so that it seems silly. But keep a very important rule firmly in your head; a flat betting system is not about winning big sums of money. It is about practising a game, getting better at it, and more firmly understanding its rules. Betting big amounts is fun and thrilling, but not the best approach to a game you are only looking to improve at. A 2% bet won’t give big returns, but big returns are not always what you should be aiming for when playing casino games.

Advancing To More Profitable Systems

When you feel you are good enough at a casino game to advance to more profitable betting systems, explore the positive and negative progression systems. These systems guarantee bigger returns, but, as has already been said, are a great deal more risky. If you advance to one or the other more risky system, and find that your performance is not good, return again to a flat betting system and get in more practice. Remember; the more you play a chosen casino game, the better you will inevitably get at it. And there is no reason to bankrupt yourself while are you a looking to improve. Here are a few key points to take away from this article;
  • Place bets of no larger than 5% of your total balance when balancing flat
  • Use flat betting system to help become more familiar with a casino game, with minimal financial risk
  • Advance to a positive or negative progression betting system when you are confident in your skills
  • Return to flat betting systems regularly to sharpen your skills at a game
  • Always manage your bank balance wisely, regardless of the betting systems used
Have fun!
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