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Funny Roulette Games Spice Up Any Party

Ruby Fortune Casino: roulette
Source: Pixabay

Take Friday “Game Night” to the next level with these five hilarious and exciting roulette games. From pizza to Netflix, you can use everyday items and online programs to play a rousing, unique round of funny roulette. And when you are done trying these variations, spin the wheel for real money at Ruby Fortune’s mobile casino.

Egg Russian Roulette

You have seen it played on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and several well-known celebrities. In a white-knuckled, uproarious display of chance, turn simple eggs (hardboiled and not-hardboiled) into a smashing game of roulette that will keep your guests cracking up at your kitchen table.

Here’s how you play: take a container of twelve dozen eggs (per two players), nine hardboiled and three raw. Present this container of eggs to your guests and instruct them to take one at a time and smash it on their head. Once they select an egg, they must smash it! The first person to smash two raw eggs on their head loses.

For every two additional guests, prepare another carton of eggs.

HOT Pizza Roulette

Here’s an idea: invite between four and eight friends over for a nice pizza pie. Stick ghost pepper on one of those slices and sit down to watch your pals sweat over who is going to get a mouth full of lava. Created by Hell Pizza in New Zealand, just two drops of the “the hottest chili known to mankind” is enough to possibly ruin someone’s night.

You could go one of two ways with this game: be extra evil and don’t tell your guests that one piece has been tainted or tell me them ahead of time and let them gamble every single bite.

Ruby Fortune Casino: pizza that may or may not contain ghost pepper for pizza roulette

Fortnite Creative Revolver Roulette

If you are a fan of the online video game, Fortnite Creative, you will love this “revolver roulette” version! One of three Fortnite game versions, Fortnite Creative gives you free reign to create worlds and battle arenas. Like the video above, build a tower around which 16 players stand. Each player comes into the centre, one at a time, and spins, firing random shots with a revolver. As the game progresses, the players on the circle move closer and closer, increasing the chance of the shooter hitting someone. You continue to do this until only two players remain. Once you are down to two players, a duel ensues! To make the game more interesting, all players start with 200 hundred health. Watch your levels plummet as the game intensifies.

Virtual Reality Russian Roulette

Play Russian roulette in as literal a way as possible with virtual reality. It does not get much more hard-core than this. Pick a buddy to play this VR funny roulette using the game, Anomaly. Empty all bullets but one from the gun, and take turns pulling the trigger until, well, your player is no more.  Fortunately, you will get another life and can snap back for more!

Netflix Roulette

Plagued by not knowing which Netflix movie to watch next or which series to binge? Play Netflix Roulette and let the game choose! You can create a roulette pool from the entire Netflix catalogue or limit your selections to just TV or movies. If you want to filter even further, pick only from certain genres.

To play, just let the site pick for you. The “Netflix Randomizer” is your wheel. Using this add-on that integrates your Netflix account, simply select genre, IMBD score, Rotten Tomatoes score, and spin away. You may not find something good, but you’ll find something.

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