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Famous Roulette Wheels On The Silver Screen

Gaming Club Casino: Roulette Wheel Source: Pixabay When you think of some of the best gambling movies, many of them share a similar prominent feature: the roulette table. From the more recent Croupier to the classic The Sting, famous roulette wheels have become almost as iconic as the movie stars themselves. Read on to discover five of the most well-known wheels to have graced the silver screen. You can check these films out if you have not seen them (or if you want to re-watch a favourite!) on your next movie night. Maybe you will pick up strategies from these movies to help you win when you play online roulette at our mobile casino.


Croupier is about an aspiring writer named Jack Manfred (played by Clive Owen) who is struggling to make ends meet. After an interview set up by his father, a hustler from South Africa, Jack takes a job as a croupier or casino dealer. The job gradually takes over his life, leading to his involvement in a planned casino robbery. The roulette wheel’s role is not front-and-centre, but it does provide a thrilling backdrop mirroring the reckless behaviour of the characters. Croupier is also known as one of the most realistic casino films. After watching the film, your take-home roulette observation may be that the game is an intense adventure in chance that sweeps you along for the ride.

Diamonds Are Forever

This classic James Bond film, starring Sean Connery, puts you right in the excitement of the casino life. You will find no greater famous roulette player than Mr. Bond. The most famous Bond roulette scene is in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. Bond wins when the ball drops on black 17, a number Connery may also have won when he played the Casino de la Valle in Italy in 1963. Our roulette lesson from this film and from Connery is that you should trust in your lucky number. If one slot serves you well, try the bet again and see where fortune takes you!

The Sting

Starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, this beloved caper film is about an elaborate con devised to take on a prominent mob boss. Based on a true story about real-life con artist brothers Fred and Charley Gondorff, this movie is a gem of the 1970s. The roulette table in The Sting stands out because of the winning number: black 22. Just like the winning number in Casablanca, another famous roulette movie, this winning number is the reason why Johnny Hooker (played by Redford) blows his share of a con reward, leaving him to pay off a corrupt police officer with counterfeit bills. Based on the upbeat film and invigorating ragtime soundtrack, the roulette takeaway from The Sting is that roulette is a fun, rewarding game if you plan your bets wisely.

Indecent Proposal

Also starring golden boy Robert Redford, Indecent Proposal is another classic casino film that will sweep you up in the intense unpredictability of the game of roulette. In this film a billionaire (Redford) offers a deal of a lifetime to a struggling young couple: $1 million if he can sleep with Diana, the wife. The roulette table plays a key role as the chance meeting place for this life-altering proposal. The couple, played by Woody Harrelson and Demi Moore, have travelled to Las Vegas to win mortgage money after falling on hard times. Your key roulette lesson from Indecent Proposal is that the randomness of roulette is a metaphor for life. You never know what will happen when you spin the wheel of chance.

Run, Lola, Run

This fast-paced, chaotic German film is a thrilling time travel flick for movie lovers around the world, but roulette lovers will also get a rush from the third act. Lola, the main character, has just twenty minutes to produce a ridiculous chunk of money to save her boyfriend’s life. The movie features three chapters, paralleling her “runs”, which begin each time with the same situation. Leading to different realities, each chapter ends with a unique outcome. In the third “run” Lola wins two consecutive bets at roulette, earning the money needed to save her boyfriend. As intense and artistically filmed as the rest of the movie, this scene (and others) led to many awards for Run, Lola, Run, including a BAFTA. After watching this movie, you could be inspired to try roulette to help you afford some great prize you have had your eye for some time. With the right bet, you can win enough money to improve the outcome of your future. After reading about and watching these famous roulette wheels in film, try your own home roulette variations to spice up game night. You can even a play a movie-themed roulette game called Netflix Roulette.

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