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Discover The Best Mobile Casino in Canada

Ruby Fortune Casino: casino sign made of lights Source: Pixabay

Finding the best mobile casino in Canada is no small task. The options are extensive and growing greater with every passing day. New digital gambling venues are popping up regularly promising the best of everything and insisting that they are the place to play. On the one hand, this is a great situation. Choice is always good, and industry competition ultimately means higher standards and even better incentives and bonuses. Online gambling sites inevitably jostle for the top spot by offering the best bonuses, game selections and other features, which means you are in the right position to swoop in and take advantage.

On the other hand, just how exactly do you decide which mobile casino truly is the best? Impressive bonuses are being thrown around to grab your attention, new games are being dangled as apparently irresistible treats, and loyalty programs insist that you stick with your choice once you’ve made it. It is getting harder and harder to spot a site that is less than stellar, as those with less than good intent have gotten smart, and made their offerings all the more attractive. It can be a daunting, and a massively time consuming task trying to sift through it all. Finding the real quality, best deals and most reliable sites can be a full time job. You could go through each like an online detective, spending hours sorting the wheat from the chaff before you make a decision. But frankly, it’s not exactly a thrilling task. Especially when all you wanted to do was spins a few reels before bed and stand a chance of winning big. Luckily we’re here to help. Take an in-depth look with us now, learn the essentials about mobile casinos in Canada, and make your own informed decision based on our research. Let’s learn about what makes the best mobile casino in Canada, and more importantly, let’s learn who deserves your business. Then, fire up your favourite gambling playlist and enjoy the very best casino experience on the go! Table Of Contents

The Birth Of Canadian Online Casinos

Ruby Fortune Casino: canadian flag blue sky Source: Pixabay It was in 2010 that the British Colombia Lottery Corporation established the first legal online casino in Canada. Called PlayNow, it was the pioneer for many more sites that would follow. However, it was in 2010 that Canadians experienced the incredible ease and convenience for the first time, and naturally began to prefer the experience to traditional brick and mortar establishments. Fast-forward to the present day, online gambling is more or less the accepted standard. More important; mobile casino access evolved in various ways, specifically to allow easier, faster and more reliable access. Dedicated casino software was created, otherwise known as an app. This means that two types of access points exist in the modern online gambling industry:

  • Web-based online play
  • App based download-only play

Web-based sites will work just fine in any standard browser without any dedicated software. You simply need to visit the gambling site in your preferred web browser and games can be played using the browser as the base software system. This is convenient, and may choose to play this way. You’ll also often see this method of gaming referred to as Instant Play, as there is no download required. In contrast, app based play requires additional software to be downloaded and installed on the device. Hence the term “download only”. This software comes with a variety of its own benefits, and is recommended for the best experience. Both options work exceptionally well, but there are pros and cons to each. We’ll get to that in more detail later.

Which Is The Right Mobile Casino For Me?

Ruby Fortune Casino: Slots that go on mobile Source: Pixabay Let’s ask the obvious question; how do I find the best online casino in Canada? We’ll counter that question with a follow-up question - what exactly are you looking for? Knowing exactly what you want is the key to knowing which experience will be best. Ask yourself the following:

  • What are your goals?
  • What games do you want to play?
  • Do you want to play live casino games?
  • Do you want a Welcome Bonus?
  • Do you want to practice games for free?
  • Do you want to play at a licenced casino?
  • Do you want to play at a secure casino that promotes responsible gambling?
  • Do you need reliable customer support?

First, what are you planning on doing at the casino? Spinning a few reels to kill time in a queue? Fine, no problem. Or maybe you’re on a mission to become the next Poker champion of the world? Also fine.  Are you planning on just sticking to the slots, or are you keen on branching out and trying out a few digital versions of classic table games? Do you want to try out the Video Poker, maybe dabble a little in digitised Craps? Most mobile casinos try to have a broad range of games, including an extensive range of slots and table games. Some also tend to lean heavily one way or the other. So it is important to check which games are the focus of a site before making a choice. Hundreds of slots are all good and well, but if you’re keen on sharpening those Poker skills they won’t do you much good. Most casinos provide free versions of their slots and table games, allowing you to play without actually having to spend a cent. Make sure that this option exists, however, before making a final decision. Live dealer casinos are something newer, requiring a steady and fast Internet connection. Are you interested in this cutting edge technology, or are you happy with standard slots and table games? Although most gambling sites are now offering innovative Live Dealer options, not all do. Ensure that the option is available if it is at the top of your list of requirements. The point is; decide what it is that you’re looking for. When you’ve done this, it will help in making the final decision a whole lot easier.

Are Mobile Casinos In Canada Legit?

Ruby Fortune Casino: legal and illegal written on paper Source: Pixabay If you really want to go back in time and examine the roots of gambling in Canada, you’ll have to get a pair of binoculars. The first seeds of modern gambling arrived in 1497, brought by a man named John Cabot in the form of a deck of cards. Gambling had existed before this, using dice, but the games were mostly outlawed in the 1380’s due to the activity being deemed too distracting for soldiers. However, various casinos have existed in the country in one form or another, and many were even legal, up until 1950. However, local attitudes saw the games of chance as the folly of lower classes, and not to be taken seriously. It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that things changed and laws began to ease up. The first major commercial casino sprang up in Winnipeg, and after seeing enormous success, was quickly followed by Montreal Casino, which opened its doors in 1993. Today, Canadian gambling law is governed separately by each of the 10 provinces and 4 territories. The one universally accepted law states that, only provincial governments may offer games of chance or lottery style activities. The trick is that although laws are very clear about brick and mortar establishments, online laws are a bit less cement. Why? Because the standard laws were created before online gambling even existed. A simple rule of thumb is that when playing online, if the hosting site is located in a territory that allows online gambling, and that site is legal and licensed, you are on the right side of the law. As long as you stick to this basic guideline, you are 100% legally allowed to play games of chance online in Canada. Do some homework, research the laws that apply to your areas, and proceed accordingly. The best mobile casino Canada sites will have their licenses clearly displayed on their home page, usually near the bottom alongside the banking options and software providers. Find a license to quickly determine if the site you’re visiting is legit, and where it is licensed to operate. Though be cautioned, some illegal sites will have false license tags. A quick Google Search will always determine if a site is or isn’t legal, and if you are ever unsure, rather steer clear.

Are Online Transactions Safe In Canada?

Ruby Fortune Casino: holding mobile phone with binary code on screen Source: Pixabay Online security is always a concern. It seems like every other day there is breaking news of online fraud being committed, which can make everyone a little paranoid. Don't stress yourself out, just keep a few things in mind. Mobile and online transactions are, the vast majority of the time, safe. Breaches of security do happen, but are, most occasions, on the side of the user, not the online establishment. The best mobile casino Canada sites employ extremely advanced safety protocols and use virtually impenetrable 256-bit SSL encryption. Meaning intercepting a transaction when conducted is near impossible. However if the user’s mobile device has been infected with a virus or software that can steal information, passwords can simply be stolen without ever having to crack any advanced security measures. Hence the best way to be safe is to protect your device. This is something you need to do personally, since gambling sites are unable to detect any malicious software that may be on your device. To be frank, online security is something that you need to take care of yourself too. The best casinos will do everything they can to safeguard your data and your funds, but you also need to take some responsibility to stay safe.

  • Install virus protection software on your device.
  • Keep your virus protection up to date.
  • Run regular scans.
  • Don’t visit questionable websites.
  • Don’t download anything from questionable websites.
  • Keep your login details safe.

The best rule to live by is that app stores are the one and only place to download software. Google Play Store and Apple iStore are the obvious options, as are Amazon. If you must download software from an outside site, make absolutely, 100% sure that software you are downloading is safe. Better yet, just avoid downloading from unknown sources altogether. Dedicated apps are safer than site based transactions. Apps come with their own built-in security measures, which are an additional layer of protection. If you are not feeling safe, use a dedicated app rather than playing real money casino games via your web browser.

What Is Responsible Play?

Games of chance, via mobile, brick and mortar or otherwise, are meant for entertainment purposes. Yet there are concerns about those who play these games to the detriment of their own reasonable limits. Responsible gambling is an initiative that encourages everyone to understand what a game of chance is, and that it is meant to entertain, not be used as a means of income. Steps are taken by online, mobile and brick and mortar casinos to restrict those who have problem gambling potential. Underage gambling is of course, strictly forbidden by every gambling establishment in the world. Online casinos also take measures to restrict the potential for problem gamblers to do harm. Players can choose a maximum deposit limit at an online casino; no more than a certain amount can be transferred.  Depending on the mobile casino, limits can be set for the following periods:

  • daily,
  • weekly,
  • monthly.

So spending can never go beyond a certain set limitation, what prevents self-inflicted bad behaviour by some customers. You can learn what deposit limits are in place at the sites you visit, and be aware of how they impact your experience. Customised software is also used at many online venues that tracks potential problematic behaviour. This software notifies staff if certain behaviour is detected, such as multiple quick deposits being made in succession, after the amounts have been lost. If you think you may be showing signs of problem gambling, contacting a support line is the best, immediate course of action. You can Google a contact number for your area, or alternatively many casinos have quick access to support lines. Contact the Customer Support centre or check the responsible gambling page for details.

Which Is The Best Mobile Casino App?

Ruby Fortune Casino: smartphone displaying applications Source: Pixabay Dedicated casino apps come with a host of benefits. We already mentioned the added layer of protection, but there is far more to like. Faster, more convenient access to games is a clear benefit. Simply tapping a game is, after all, far more streamlined than having to open a browser, browse to a site, and scroll up and down lists. Add to this, conveniences like creating personalised favourite lists, or having games recommended based on your previous choices, and the situation more or less speaks for itself. Beyond that, games via apps are for more mobile screen friendly. Web and browser based play tends to cause problems because screen sizes vary drastically. Dedicated apps eliminate this problem, resizing games to fit your screen. Have a look at the Ruby Fortune mobile app for an example of an excellent dedicated casino app. It is available for free at the Google Play and Apple iStore, and delivers an all-round excellent gaming experience on Android and iOS.

What Is A Welcome Bonus?

You’ve probably heard a great deal of hullaballoo about Welcome Bonuses. Virtually every online casino is screaming them at full volume, eager to get your attention. So what is a Welcome Bonus, and how does it work? There is no point in beating around the bush; a Welcome Bonus is the reward you get for signing up and making a deposit. The bigger the bonus, the better. Simple. For example, a casino may offer you a Welcome Bonus of a 100% match up to $200. Great! There is nothing to not like about this offer. Being more specific, the 100% match means that the casino will grant you bonus cash equal to the amount that you first deposit. If you deposit $50, you will get an additional $50, and so on up to a deposit of $200. Still a great deal. This bonus is normally only triggered on first minimum deposits. However, the extra bonus money cannot simply be withdrawn right after it has been awarded. The casino would be bankrupt by next week Tuesday if this were the case. Bonus money has wagering or play through requirements. For example, the wagering requirements for a bonus may be stated as being 20x. This may mean you must wager the bonus amount 20x before it can be withdrawn – or play it through 20x.

  • Casinos match your deposit 100% up to a maximum.
  • Bonuses normally have to be triggered with a minimum deposit amount.
  • Bonus money cannot be withdrawn until wagering requirements are met.
  • Check wager requirements before accepting a bonus.

Which Are The Best Software Developers?

Ruby Fortune Casino: Software developer Microgaming Source: Pixabay You’ve probably noticed that online casino games vary in quality. Some are simple and not very flashy, while others virtually explode with amazing graphics, incredible special effects and stunning soundtracks. Now, we’re not suggesting that visual and audio appeal is all that matters in an online casino game. Of course not. Gameplay and ease of use is just as important. What we are suggesting is that seeing the latest, cutting edge games is really cool. Incredible HD graphics go a long way to making a game more immersive, and fully animated bonus sequences certainly make a game more gripping in just about every way. Gameplay normally goes hand in hand with the experience, although yes, we know that you can still have fun with a less cutting edge title. Either way, if you’re keen on knowing which software developers are legendary in the industry, and are an enormous asset to any online casino, we’ll tell you. Of course, the best mobile casinos in Canada are sure to have a few titles from these brands:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Thunderkick
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Novomatic
  • Betsoft

These are the big names; these studios stand apart for offering universally great software, and more or less being the cutting edge of the online casino industry as a whole. If you’ve played a game and been blown away by its quality, chances are it was made by of these studios.

What Games Can You Play On Mobile?

Ruby Fortune Casino: cards poker casino girl game play Source: Pixabay This is a very broad question, and the short answer is all of them. Let’s be more specific about it. Virtually all traditional casino games have made the jump over to the digital world. Of course, more are being added on a regular basis too. In terms of slots, the list of available games is too long to display here. It’s better to say that all genres of slots are available. Let’s first talk slots in more detail. There are slots galore on offer, in an extraordinarily wide variety of themes, each offering their own bonuses, specials, mini-games and more. Want a slot based around your favourite movie, television show, or even based around a great band? Yes, chances are you’ll find something to suit your tastes. It is normally a case of simply seeing what is available, and tapping a title that catches are attention. Classic 3 reel slots from days long ago have been digitised. If you remember a game you loved back in the day, say Queen of the Nile, you will more than likely find a digital version. Maybe you don’t care much about where a slot came from, or what it looks like. You’re more concerned with how much cash it’s going to put in your pocket. We’re talking about progressive slots. If you’re more into progressive jackpot slots that offer that life changing wins, there is no shortage of those available on mobile either. The most renowned progressive jackpot slots available on mobile include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Jackpot Giant
  • Hall Of Gods

If you love slots as a whole, mobile casinos have you covered. You will find:

  • Classic slots
  • 3-Reel Traditional slots
  • 5-Reel slots
  • Progressive jackpot slots
  • 3D slots

Now let’s talk table games, if you prefer skills based games over luck based. Yes, all those classic table games have made the leap to mobile and are available for play in the palm of your hand. From Poker to Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and more, each has a digital version that works flawlessly, and follows the established rules. Or if you prefer, there are many variations of these classic games, adding a few extra tweaks to keep things interesting. Either way, if you love table games they are all present and accounted for. Table games available on mobile devices include:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Craps

Online versions of table games have been designed to be user friendly for touchscreens and easy to understand. So even if you aren’t entirely familiar with each game, you need simply follow the onscreen prompts in order to play. You will soon learn the rules as you place bets and win. Then, what are these new live dealer games you keep hearing about? Live dealer games are a relatively new addition to the online casino world, and yes, they are very impressive. Essentially live dealer games provide a video feed directly to your device. The feed, in real-time, allows betting to be initiated in a casino game managed by a real croupier. Bets can be placed via an interface, and the results of the live feed determine if wagers succeed. The effect is of being at a brick and mortar casino, and is available to any device that has an Internet connection strong enough to maintain the video stream. Generally, classic table games are offered, including multiple variants of Blackjack, Roulette Poker and Baccarat, but there are also Money Wheel games and those based on TV game shows that have come to the fore. The important thing to keep in mind here is that your mobile device should be connected to a reliable Wi-Fi connection before joining a live dealer table.

Which Games Have The Highest Payouts?

Ruby Fortune Casino: money falling Source: Pixabay Now, let’s really talk turkey. Online casinos are great, convenient, and have a wide range of accessible games. But serious; which games of chance offer the highest payout percentages? As we all know, some games are more generous than others. But it isn’t fair to simply state that one broad genre of games is the most generous. Instead, it is better to mention high payout rates in a variety of genres. To start, let’s look at slots. Although the important thing to keep in mind is that slots are 100% based around luck. That isn’t really a problem though, and many prefer the simplicity. Make a bet, spin the reels, and see if lady luck is on your side. It’s entertaining and fun. The slots with the best payouts to date are:

  • Mega Joker (NetEnt) – Bet all 10 coins for a 99% RTP
  • Jackpot 6000 (NetEnt) – Bet all 10 coins for 98.8% RTP
  • 1426 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick) 98.6% RTP
  • Blood Suckers (NetEnt) 98% RTP

The question is, are you prepared to put your skill on the line for your payouts? Video Poker games, for example have notoriously high payout percentages, more so than you might even expect. The thing to keep in mind is; these are skill-based games. If you’re handy at playing Poker, you can almost always come out on top in the long run. Note it takes time, patience, and skill. Understanding the game is key to earning the massive payout rates, but it isn’t what you would call a certainty by any stretch of the imagination. Truly skilled players can rake in cash hand over fist, but must be sufficiently skilled. These are the payout rates of Video Poker titles, and a few other games:

  • Aces And Faces Video Poker (Microgaming) 99.26%
  • All American Video Poker (Microgaming) 99.37%
  • Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack (Microgaming) 99.65%
  • Bars and Stripes Video Slots (Microgaming) 96.1%
  • European Roulette (Playtech, Microgaming) 97.3%
  • Classic Blackjack (Multiple studios) 99.52%

Get skilled, learn the strategies, and you can enjoy these payout rates to their full potential.

What Are Bonus Spins?

Ruby Fortune Casino: slot machines in a casino Source: Pixabay In deciding the best mobile casino in Canada, another thing to take into account is daily rewards features. Many mobile casinos have special daily features, such as Hot and Cold Games, New Games, Popular Games, and Bonus Wheel Spins. These are essentially features that make daily visits to the casino rewarding. Hot and Cold Games, for example, pushes the games that have been paying our most into the Hot category, while those that have been less generous fall into the Cold category. This means that you can check daily to see which games have been the most generous on a daily basis. New Games and Popular Games options are also updated normally daily, not only providing something interesting to look at, but also providing easy navigation options. If you don’t feel like scrolling through lists and finding a game, why not just play what others are enjoying under the Popular Games list?

What Banking Options Are Offered?

Ruby Fortune Casino: mobile online banking Source: Pixabay Banking options are normally fairly universal at online casinos these days. The fact is that every casino wants to be as convenient as possible in that department, and so provide the widest range of options as possible. If you want to make a deposit or withdrawal, head to the banking or cashier page and follow the instructions. The standard deposit options are VISA and MasterCard, and Maestro of course. iDebit is generally available with the most universally accepted options, including Skrill, Trustly and Neteller. You may also use an eWallet at your convenience. eWallets are the fastest way to transfer funds between multiple online accounts, and can be utilised with virtually all online stores. Simply link any eWallet account to a debit or credit account, and use it to make deposits at an online casino. Withdrawals are as easy as deposits, and include heading back to the same banking page, but selecting withdraw instead of deposit. MasterCard, Visa or Maestro can once again be used, as well as VISA Electron, and most iDebit bank transfers. eWallets can also be used for your withdrawals. Generally, you’ll be required to use the same withdrawal method as was used to deposit. Keep in mind that with online bank withdrawals, the transaction will be marked as pending for 96 hours. During this time the transaction can be cancelled quickly and easily. Allow up to 7 working days for a withdrawal to clear into an account. eWallets are always the fastest withdrawal method, with some clearing in as little as 24 hours.

What Makes Good Customer Support?

Ruby Fortune Casino: customer support Source: Pixabay Last but not least, let’s talk about customer support. The trick with customer support is that you don’t know you need it until you need it. This often means that players tend not to check customer support options until things go wrong. Only then do they realise how good or average that support is. The problem is that by then it’s too later to turn back. So what makes great Customer Support? Three things:

  • Availability
  • Response time
  • Options

Who really wants to send an email for help and get a response in 3 days? Answer, no one! Customer Support should be available without question. Furthermore, someone should also be available to help at the moment you need help. The rule of thumb is simple; live chat is king. The best mobile casinos have a live chat service that is ready and willing to help any time of the day, always. Live chats generally respond within seconds, and have your questions answered in moments. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have other options available. A call centre is also essential for those who prefer speaking to a human. Or, if you do prefer email, of course that option should exist, but turn around response times should be speedy. The point is that the best mobile casinos in Canada will have Customer Support should be there to help you, when you need it, and how you need it. Check Customer Support options before you commit, and ensure that you are not going to be left high and dry when you need help the most! Back to top

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