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Famous Sportsmen Who Gamble

Poker and other casino games have a huge audience that cuts right through cultures, races and professions. The World Series of Poker played a large role in the publicised list of sports celebrities that play poker, but there have been many sports stars associated with a whole host of gambling activities like those in the list of famous gamblers below.

Players From The World Of Snooker

  • Steve Davis

Steve Davis is a former professional snooker player who made his fortune from his 6 World Championship wins and 28 snooker tournament wins. Steve’s game of choice is poker and he has won over a $100 000 in playing live poker tournaments. He has been on many poker shows and he was entered into the 2006 and 2008 World Series of Poker events.

  • Ken Doherty

Ken Doherty is another professional snooker player from Ireland who is a big fan of poker. He has won a $20 000 celebrity poker tournament and has finished 14th in the Dublin leg of the World Poker Tour.

Cricket and Tennis Players

  • Shane Warne

The infamous spin bowler, Shane Warne is one of the most well known gamblers from the sporting world. He is a regular face at many international poker events like the European World Series of Poker and the Asia Pacific World Series of Poker. His most publicised win is his nearly $40 000 win for a 3rd place finish at the Victorian Poker Championship.

  • Boris Becker

Boris Becker is one of the most celebrated tennis stars of his era. He still holds the record for the youngest player to win the Wimbledon cup. He is currently a vocal supporter of poker and online casinos. To date, he has racked up over $100 000 in live poker wins.

Swimming And Mixed Martial Arts

  • George St Pierre

This mixed martial artist is a regular player in the World Series of Poker. Luckily he is a calm and professional player, but you should still be careful not to get on his bad side at the poker table. He is at times, joined by fellow MMA fighters like Chuck Lidell and Forrest Griffin.

  • Michel Phelps

This swim star is officially the most decorated Olympic athlete and he is almost just as well known for his love of gambling. He has been spotted numerous times at international poker events. Big wins have yet to be publicised.

Football Players

  • Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham is a professional footballer that played for, amongst others, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspurs.  Since he retired from professional football, he has become a talented poker player on the live tournament scene. He has finished 14th in the 2009 European World Series of Poker and 5th in the 2010 European Poker Vilamoura tournament.

  • Tony Cascarino

Tony Cascarino is a retired footballer who has played for Marseille, Millwall and Chelsea. He has participated in multiple British poker tournaments and won the 2009 United Kingdom Poker Tournament.

  • Steve Watts

This professional football player has been getting better and better every year since he first started playing fulltime in 2008. Steve has finished 59th in the 2013 World Series of Poker and 5th in the Binion Poker Classic. He has ranked 10th and 23rd in previous World Series of Poker events. In 2012 Watts finished 5th in the Irish Open. Over the years, Watts has raked in thousands of pounds and has become a successful crossover story from sports to poker. It seems the temperament of professional athletes suit gambling perfectly, with patience and strategy needed to be the best.

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