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Ezra Miller Poses for Playboy

Ezra Miller in Playboy Source: Billboard Most will know Ezra Miller for his staring role in the recently released film Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The film itself did not exactly explode at the box office, or set critics alight with positive reviews, but this hasn’t stopped Ezra Miller from making headlines in other ways. In a move that has received various flavours of reaction from the general public, Miller decided to pose in still controversial Playboy magazine. The LGBTQ community is ecstatic about the representation, applauding the images as a major milestone. Others, however, are quick to point out that Playboy is still just a magazine than objectifies humans, regardless of how they choose to identify.

Living In Polyamorous Relationships

The images of Miller were much what would be expected of a person that is proudly gender fluid. From high heels in one photo, to silky nightgowns in another, and even make-up and a suit jacket in another. Variety was clearly the order of the day, and the young star proved that he had what it took to make each look work. In an interview that accompanied the images, Miller was also keen to explain his relationships. He went into detail about his preference to not focus on a single person, but instead seek out connections with multiple “queer beings.” In his own words, he tries to find those who understand him right off the bat, after which they are “in the squad,” and added to a polycule, or polyamorous molecule. Which is perhaps the long way round to explaining that he is polyamorous in relationships. Now you’ve had your fill of celeb scandal and gossip are you ready for fun of a different kind? Play Roulette at Ruby Fortune and experience the thrill of a casino classic 24/7! If you prefer another game, we also have online Blackjack, as well as many online slots, to keep you entertained! Online roulette

The Playboy Controversy

Playboy, on the other hand, is clearly basking in the new attention that the photo shoot is drawing. After rapidly falling out of popularity since the rise of the Internet, Playboy is once again in the spotlight like it hasn’t been in some time. The magazine has been under fire on multiple occasions over the years, with fierce accusations that the publication does nothing more than objectify, and otherwise rob models of their dignity. On the other hand, many are quick to point at that enormously controversial Playboy founder, Hugh Hefner, was championing gay rights as early as the 1950s, when it was a far more controversial and taboo issue. In 1955 the publication ran a short story known as The Crooked Man, which was a sharp commentary on gay rights. In the story, a dystopian future saw homosexuality being the accepted standard, and heterosexuality banned, satirically turning the tables on the subject. So controversial was the story back in the 1950s, that other outlets would not touch it. It need not also be mentioned that November 2017 saw a transgender Playmate centrefold, Ines Rau, as well as recently having a profile on bisexual actress Stephanie Beatriz.

Bright Future, Despite Turbulence

With Miller now in the spotlight, and quickly gaining a following, it seems like the young star has a bright future ahead of him, regardless of multiple turbulent seas in his vicinity. In his interview, he spoke about many things regarding his starring role in Fantastic Beasts, touching on the popular Rowling character Dumbleldore, and the controversy surrounding the character’s sexuality. Dumbledore’s sexuality was not mentioned in the new film, to the dismay of many. Though, in this regard, Miller seemed to skirt the issue, saying simply that he trusts Rowling to further explore the topic. He likewise spoke of acting with Johnny Depp, who has also been caught up in a scandal after his ex-wife continues to maintain he abused her during their tumultuous marriage. On the topic Miller also seemed to avoid direct confrontation, saying simply that he does his best in the job, with what he’s got, and that the “umbrella of all good” sees him through most situations. Either way, eyes will now surely be on Ezra more than ever before, which is likely exactly where the young actor hopes to be. There will surely be far more of him to see in the future, in more Fantastic Beast’s films, and beyond.

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