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The Differences Between Live Dealer Games and RNG Games Explained

The Differences Between Live Dealer Games and RNG Games Explained There are many differences between live and RNG games, but these shouldn’t really be considered advantages and disadvantages, since both RNG and Live dealer games have their own charms and it all depends on what mood you are in. In fact RNG games are a great counter point for live dealer games and vice versa. If you are feeling a bit burnt out with fast-paced RNG play then you can switch to something more social and a bit more evenly paced.

The Speed Difference

One of the first things you will notice when moving from online play to live dealer play is the difference in speed between the two games. Online table games usually feature near instant shuffling and dealing, not to mention the cashing out, chip placement etc. You can even go into the games options and adjust the game to fit your chosen speed. Live dealer games of course bring back the human element. Games will take a bit more time as the dealer still shuffles manually, perhaps drops the deck in the process, collects chips manually and also interacts with individual players.

The Element Of Social Interactions

Social interaction is not just the main draw of live dealer games but probably why they even got started in the first place. Not only are the dealers professionally trained but often a company would hire dealers who are also attractive models in order to draw in new players. Speaking of new players, you can interact with the other players in the game via a chat window and potentially make some new friends or even pick up some playing tips An RNG game on the other hand spares you the human interaction if you aren’t up for it, it’s just you and the game, you are a person on a mission to win big and no one will stand in your way!

Money Money Money

Before you have even started playing, you may notice one of the biggest differences between live dealer games and RNG games – the wager limits! RNG games usually start at 0.01 as a minimum wage. There are high stakes games available but you always have the option of penny wagers. Live dealer games are a bit more expensive to run and have a more upmarket feel to them. It would be a bit disrespectful to make penny wagers with a professional dealer. Live dealer games rarely operate with wager limits below 1 and even 1 is a bit low.

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