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Detoxing with Smoothies and Bowls

Ruby Fortune Casino: Fruit Smoothies Source: SpiritEarthAwake The world is more health-conscious than ever, with people from all walks of life trying to find a way to live longer, live healthier and live better. A quick search online will reveal countless theories and methods to stay fit, lose weight or simply feel more balanced, but it can be hard to understand the science and the sense behind some of the internet’s wilder proposals. Detoxing with smoothies and bowls has become a foodie phenomenon, with thousands of recipes available to suit every taste bud. But what is the secret of detoxing and how can it help you to feel better and more in control of your body? Read on and all will be revealed!

What is detoxing?

Ruby Fortune Casino: Detpx Smoothies Source: Yurielkaim Picture the scene: you’re at home, watching TV or playing your favourite mobile casino game. Cravings kick in and out comes a bar of chocolate, a bag of crisps or a bowl of popcorn. One treat won’t kill you, but, when this becomes a routine, bad substances can build up in the body. We all know that cholesterol is dangerous, that too many calories or carbs can lead to weight gain and that excess sugars can wreak havoc, but what can we do to rid ourselves of these unwanted intruders? That’s where detoxing comes in. This process involves safely and sensibly clearing these harmful substances from your body by changing your diet and eating habits for a certain period of time. Antioxidants and supplements play a large part in this (that’s where smoothies get their chance to shine), while some involve restricting your food intake to simply liquids or a short period of fasting. Be careful – detoxing is best done in moderation. Prolonged periods of fasting can have negative effects on the human body.

The joy of smoothies

Tasty, filling and nutritious – the smoothie is one of the key weapons in the detox arsenal. We all understand the importance of fruits and vegetables, but their cleansing properties are often under-represented or outright ignored. Blueberries are low in calories, but packed full of antioxidants (the main ingredient in a good detox diet!), while bananas and apricots offer a balanced spread of vitamins that boost the immune system. Even better, smoothies allow for the addition of extra elements that boost the power of your detox diet. For example, why not try a simple banana and apricot smoothie, made with low-fat yoghurt, a little honey for healthy sweetness and a generous handful of both vitamin-rich fruits? Before you get blending, add a few leaves of spinach, which is high in iron and won’t distort the taste, a teaspoon of wheat germ powder for protein and fibre and a small helping of carrageen moss for iodine. Most humans have a deficiency of the latter, so adding this can have a major impact on your energy levels and overall health!

The beauty of bowls

Ruby Fortune Casino: Smoothie bowl detox Source: Imgix Bustle If you want to try something a little fresher but keep all of the yummy benefits of a smoothie, then bowls might just be to your taste. Made on a smoothie base, which is thick, creamy and packed with nutrients, the bowl is then topped with delectable goodies that add some texture and added nutrition. Imagine the crunch of nuts and seeds, the juicy succulence of fresh fruit and the power-packed punch of granola! If you’re not sure about jumping into the world of bowls, then why not try one made by an expert? Kale+Coco has just opened a restaurant that’s all about healthy but delicious food in Stoneybatter, with a wide range of body-friendly bowls on offer. Head on over and try their invigorating combinations, then get in the kitchen and start experimenting with the perfect bowl for you!

What can detoxing do for me?

There are countless advantages to detoxing, but the general feeling of wellness and vitality is top of the list. By eliminating sugar and caffeine, which provide quick bursts of energy but inevitably lead to crashes, you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and invigorated throughout the day. The boosted intake of vitamins, in particular, Vitamin C, will also give your immune system a much-needed hand, helping to stave off colds, flu and exhaustion and keeping your body strong and healthy. Ridding your body of harmful toxins and unhealthy vices naturally leads to weight loss during the detox, but it also establishes healthy eating habits that last much longer. You’ll fall in love with sweet smoothies and nutrient-rich bowls, so much so that you’ll even find yourself slipping them into your non-detox diet. Throw in clearer skin, shinier, smoother hair and visibly reduced wrinkles and it’ll begin to seem like there’s nothing detoxing with smoothies and bowls cannot do Ruby Fortune Casino: Fruit Candy To win big and master your favourite mobile casino games, you need quick reflexes, a clear mind and a rested spirit. Detoxing helps to make your body healthier, to revitalise and rejuvenate you after long days at work or college and to make you feel sharper and more alert. We all know what’s healthier, but what could be more fun than kicking back with the “Fruit or Candy” online slot.
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