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Common Online Casino Complaints

I, for one, would probably not do especially well working in the customer support centre of an online casino. It’s not that I don’t like helping people; it’s more the notion that I’d probably have to help customers with the same few problems, over and over, from 9-5, until I could likely recite the instructions from memory. That, I’m afraid, is a scenario that would have me collapsing in frothing insanity inside of a month, if not sooner. Thankfully, customer support centre employees are required to not go insane, as part of their contract, so this is not a concern for them. Or, to be more precise; they probably don’t get paid if they attempt cyber homicide, which is incredibly infective, and often just results in a smashed computer monitor. Aware of the increase in global cyber homicide attempts, and the rising cost of computer monitors, I decided to do my part and write a blog on the most common complaints customer support centres receive. This way a few people might get answers here, perhaps sparing a customer support centre employee a few levels on their insanity gauge. You’re welcome, customer support centres of the world.

The Games Don’t Fit On My Screen

One of the major problems online casino website designers face is that there are many different models of smart phone, dozens of which have different size screens. I imagine designing a casino website is, therefore, something like trying to design an adaptable pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that must fit every person on earth. Of course, petitioning to have smart phone company’s start designing all smart phones the exact same size is not a likely to succeed solution, so instead flexible websites must be created. Now, if you think designing flexible websites is a matter of simply crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best, you’re wrong. Website designers must test their websites on as many smartphone models as possible, to be safe, and when you take into account how many models of phones this means, you start realising what a Mammoth task this is. No, I’m not joking, they really have to do this. If you find that a website is fitting awkwardly on your smartphone, here is a quick solution you can try; download the dedicated application instead, if one is available, which is much more likely to adapt to the phone’s screen size.

I Won, But The Money is AWOL

I’ve mentioned this before in a few blogs, and will mention it here again; mobile wireless data transfer is a very tricky and imprecise thing. There is virtually no way to ensure that data will be sent, and received, by a portable device that can be taken anywhere a human can go. As a result of this, online casino games will sometimes lose connection, and certainly at very inopportune moments. Trust me when I say that online casinos are aware of how outraged players get if they win, and the funds do not arrive, as they should. They are acutely aware of this, and do everything in their power to avoid it happening. They don’t like getting contacted by annoyed customers, any more than customers enjoy being annoyed. It does, however, still happen from time to time. If this situation does arise, the customer support centre of the online casino will have to be contacted. Note that every transaction that occurs at an online casino is given a serial number, generally appearing in the upper right of the screen. This means that every spin of the reels, every hand of online poker, and every round of every other game played, has a serial number. Take note of the serial number if something goes wrong in one of your games. It will greatly help customer support in assisting you.

A Game Is Freezing

This is a result of the same issue mentioned above. If a casino game does not receive required wireless information, it will often simply sit and wait, hoping that the information arrives at some point. Sort of like a stood up date will simply sit and wait, hoping that the other party eventually, magically, appears. No matter how long it takes. Heart wrenching, I know. If you find your online casino games often behaving like stoop up dates, waiting endlessly, I really recommend you perhaps try and play in an area with better mobile signal. Or if possible, rather play while connected to a stable Wi-Fi connection, which will all but entirely solve the problem. If the problem persists, it could be an indication that the website server itself is getting overburdened, in which case you may wish to try a different website. Also, I know I don’t have to mention this, but you’re not trying to play while under a bridge, or in a parking lot, are you? Because it’s those exact kinds of situations that increase the customer support centre insanity gauge. Of course mobile phones don’t work under umbrellas of solid cement.

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