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Casino Games On Your Smart TV

The term Smart TV refers to a new wave of televisions that are changing the way people think about home entertainment. They are an impressive bit of technology, and those who own them can certainly say they are on the cutting edge. For those who may not be aware, a Smart TV is not so much a television as it is an integrated digital entertainment centre. From a Smart TV a user can quickly and easily access the internet, play games, surf the web, check the weather via a built in widget, and much more. A Smart TV is also being slated as the best way to play online casino games, which isn’t surprising, given that using a Smart TV feels like you’ve stepped into some sort of science fiction future. We decided to take a look at playing casino games on a Smart TV and see if it’s all its cracked up to be, and have brought our findings back to share with you. Here’s what we found out.

Superior Experience

For one thing; straight off the bat we can say that Smart TVs are certainly impressive. And it’s not just because the picture is so incredibly clear you’d be hard pressed to find better quality. Smart TVs are designed to work with your internet connection, and they make use of that web access in any and all ways they can. Live information is displayed at the touch of a button, including weather, or even traffic conditions. And, the best part, its all displayed seamlessly with your TV watching experience, something like the widgets on a modern smart phone. These features do depend on the model of television you purchase, however. You’re also not limited to standard television broadcasting services. Online streaming websites are directly accessible from your Smart TV, such as Netflix. This is a must in the world of modern online entertainment, and it goes a long way to making your television an essential part of the household again. After all, who wants to be ruled by standard television broadcasting in this modern age? Not us, that’s for sure. But what about those online casino games?

Live Casino Games Galore

Some Smart TVs come with a default widget that gives access to live online casinos. If you’re not sure what a live casino is, imagine a streaming feed directly to a croupier in real time. Be it live roulette, live blackjack, or whatever your desire, you can play with a real live croupier online. It’s very impressive, and extremely immersive. In fact, it won’t take long before you start feeling like you’re in a real casino. The drawback of live casinos is that they require incredibly fast and reliable internet connections, and not everyone is fortunate enough to have such an internet connection. The slightest lapse or delay in the feed can mean a ruined game, that isn’t good when you’re trying to enjoy a game of blackjack. Live casino games are amazing, but not accessible to everyone just yet. Some prefer to stick to good old fashioned video poker and online slot games.

Standard Casino Games On Smart TV

Or those of us who prefer the more basic online casino games, these are also easily accessible on your Smart TV. The vast majority of Smart TVs come with a simple web browser, which means you can access your favourite online casino much as you would on a laptop or smart phone. The quality is amazing on such a fantastic TV, of course, and the controls surprisingly easy to adapt to a Smart TV controller. All in all, it’s an excellent way to enjoy a few spins on an online slot game. But is it really necessary? The truth is that a Smart TV certainly doesn’t revolutionise standard online casino games, or even do something with live casino games what can’t be done with a standard laptop and web camera. It’s a great way to play these games, but not what we would call an essential one. If you’re looking to spruce up your home entertainment system, however, a Smart TV is definitely the way to go. Buying one solely for online casino games is not something we would recommend, however.

Real Casino Game Revolutions

Casino games are set to be revolutionised by virtual reality, which is a technology that is set to become mainstream in 2017. We haven’t had the pleasure of playing a virtual reality casino game, but from what we understand it is something that will change our perception on online casino games. This is something we await with bated breath, and imagine it will be a major revolution in casino game technology. Smart TVs may not be a major overhaul of online casino games, but virtual reality may just be. Although, of course, since it is not yet widely available we will reserve our official opinion on the matter.

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