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Are Casino Cheaters Often Caught?

If you are wondering how often casino cheaters get caught, the answer is almost always. Casinos generate billions in revenue annually which means they have a lot to protect from cheaters and that they are huge targets for scammers aiming to cheat the system. There are very few that are able to cheat the system and beat the odds and it is estimated that this amounts to less than 0.1% of revenue being lost. Even though casino players play in the hopes that casinos are not cheating them, there are players that are not concerned being as honest as they would expect the casino to be. Casinos are well aware of many of the ways that scammers use to cheat and remain one step ahead by constantly upgrading their security systems.

Ways Scammers Cheat

There are a number of ways scammers cheat at casinos and because of safeguards that casinos put in place, new ways are created constantly. These include scammers colluding with each other by relaying information over transmission devices and colluding with dishonest dealers. These dealers may shuffle with some cards being kept in a specific order. Dealers are now closely monitored. Scammers have been known to replace cards with better ones that they have hidden or past posting, which is an attempt at placing a bet after the roulette ball has landed. These ways to cheat need skilled sleight of hand techniques and solid distractions of other players and dealers. Marking cards, using counterfeit chips, counting cards and memorising cards that have existing defects on them are just some other ways that scammers attempt to cheat the system.

Well-Known Cheats

One of the few cheaters who never got caught is Richard Markus. He is considered to be one of the greatest cheaters in history because of the huge amount he made without being caught. His way of cheating was to remove losing bets from the table, much the opposite of the past post method. His cheating is only known because of a book he wrote about his life. Tommy Glenn Carmichael is considered to be one the more successful slots cheaters but he was caught and sentenced to prison. He began cheating the slots in the 80’s by using a device made from metal that triggered a pay out by being inserted into the slot machine. After his time spent in prison he designed a new device because slots had evolved. He eventually did another stint in prison and is now producing anti-cheating devices for casinos even though he is banned from playing in them. Ida Summers was one of the few women cheaters who did the cheating themselves. She was so prolific at cheating she became known as the Vegas Vixen. She used her looks and her charm to use sleight of hand techniques to remove and add cards to blackjack tables. She caused suspicion and after an investigation she was caught and arrested. She never did time prison as she only received probation. Bruce Koloshi, a New Jersey man, visited a casino in Louisiana where he was caught marking cards with invisible ink. Cameras picked up his cheating ways and he was charged but is considered to be a sophisticated cheater. One of the richest poker players in the world, Phil Ivey, was caught cheating using the edge sorting method. He memorised subtle defects they had and colluded with a dealer to have the certain cards dealt to him. Once caught, he was sued by the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa for more than $9 million, but he has contested the ruling and the case is on going.
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