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How to Break a Losing Streak

Losing streaks are an important part of gambling of any kind, and will, without a doubt, happen to each and every one of us at some point. A great way to look at them is to change your definition entirely –one person’s losing streak could be your eventuality that has already been accounted for! No strategy in terms of seeing long-term returns can survive without acknowledgement of the fact that not every single one of your bets is going to win. Winning runs are very enjoyable, but there opposite occurs too, and you need to understand that it is a part of the game, and that there are ways of dealing with it.

Failure on Your Part

If your losses are consistently costing you, then there may be a fundamental flaw in your staking plan or criteria of selection. If you can ensure that these are not at fault, just keep laying the bets you would and work your way through your losing streak –it will eventually come to an end, and you just need to grin and bear it until it does. Ad when it does, the wins will be worth it!

Taking a Break

Imagine that you are the manager of a football team who has just had to witness your team losing a game after extra time in a cup-tie that you have all been fighting hard for. The last thing that you would do in this scenario is wait a few minutes after the final whistle has blown and then throw your team into the thick of another high-intensity match! The team in the above example needs a rest, and this is analogous to breaking a losing streak in that you may well need one too. The same principles apply to dealing with losing streaks in casino games–if you are starting to make bad decisions, or are unable to apply your stake strategy consistently, consider taking a break.

Take Stock

Give yourself a few days in order to take stock and maybe work out what the reason behind your losses is. There is no harm in taking a small break to freshen up or get some perspective. You can then get back to it when you have all your resources at your command once more! You may find that a step back has given you some insight into why you kept falling flat, or that all of a sudden, your luck has simply changed for the better. If you are playing a game of skill you may have just needed some more practice, or to refine your strategy, and if it was a game of chance maybe Lady Luck was having an off day!

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