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Best Time To Play Online

There are a lot of myths and urban legends surrounding online gambling, as with most other things.  The trick is to try and separate the truths from the half-truths, the questionable assumptions from the poppycock.  And it’s generally much harder than what you may think. Many people deny that there are “better” and “worse” times to be playing online.  The argument is that this would erase the “random” factor and implies that casinos manipulate the online gambling software.  What really happens behind the scenes is that online software will automatically adjust so as to stick to the advertised RTP percentage; it is after all the overall average pay out percentage that is calculated and audited and not necessarily the daily average. But it is still entirely random. So which times then, are the best times to play online?  Although there is no way to put together a final and definitive guideline stipulating what ties are best, most professional gamblers agree that a supposed trend can be noticed as soon as you start paying closer attention.

A Time To Gamble

Poker and Blackjack players know full well that the wee hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings are the best times for a pot of cards.  This does apply to online gambling too, perhaps just not to the extent that it does to physical casinos. Another deciding factor seems to be the sheer number of players online and playing a specific game at a specific time.  Most people agree that the trend seems to be: the more players, the more pay outs.

The Nay-Sayers

There are also those believe that it’s all completely random, you are bound to achieve exactly the same levels of success during any time of the day or night.  Some profess, tongue in cheek that your chances forever remain 50/50; you either win or you don’t.  There’s no manipulating or controlling chance, so why even try?

The Best Time To Play

Ultimately, the bottom-line is that the best time to play is when it is best for you!  When you play when you are relaxed and happy – not forced to play because of a certain time of day – you generally fair better than usual.  A happy and positive mind will think happy and positive thoughts and attract more luck than any time-of-the-day superstition.

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