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Beginner Tips For Live Casino Games

Beginner Tips For Live Casino Games As live dealer casino games rapidly increase in popularity, more and more beginners are entering into the scene for the first time. This can seem a little daunting, given that live games are indeed very different from traditional RNG games. The chosen casino game itself will, of course, follow the exact same rules, but there are key differences that newcomers should be aware of. Let’s have a look at a few tips that will help a beginner easily jump into live dealer casino games.

It’s Live, It’s Real

First, for those that might not be aware, a live online casino game is played in real time. The feed shown to you is streamed directly from a studio or casino. This means that whatever is being seen on your screen is happening live, in real life. The dealer will be interacting directly with you, and, depending on the game chosen, will respond to your actions. In live blackjack your cards will be dealt accordingly, and you will be given the choice to hit or stand, as is expected. In the case of live roulette, the dealer will call that bets are open or closed, which will determine the time you are allowed to place a bet before the wheel is spun. In essence, a live online casino mimics a real world casino as closely as possible. You should behave the same as in a real world casino.

Pace Is Everything

Some players who come from traditional RNG online casinos to live dealer casinos find that the pace is slow. In RNG casinos the game will progress at the exact pace you are comfortable with. In live casinos the pace will progress at its own pace. Letting other players make their moves, and letting the dealer work at his, or her, own pace, is a factor of a live casino that cannot be controlled. Patience is key, and adjusting to the existing pace is something you will have to do as a new player. This does, however, work both ways. In RNG casino games you have all the time in the world to decide your next move. There is no obligation to work at any rate other than you are comfortable with. In a live casino all the time in the world will not be granted. Making a decision on your game will have to be done in a given time limit, lest the other players be stuck waiting for you to make a decision. The vast majority of players do, however, quickly learn the pace of a live game and fit into it easily.

Know Your Internet Limitations

One factor of live casino games that is absolutely essential is knowing what your Internet connection is capable of. Being that a large amount of information is being transferred, in real time, live casinos require a stable, fast Internet connection. If you find that the connection lags, falls behind, stutters or drops, try turning the quality of the live feed down. Most live casinos offer full 1080p HD resolution, but this is not at all necessary. Putting the resolution lower, to 480p, will massively lower the stress on your Internet connection, and still look good. If you find the live stream is still unstable, even after turning down the quality, you will, unfortunately, have to upgrade your Internet connection before participating in a live game. If your connection drops, and you have already placed a bet, that bet will be forfeited and you will lose it. The casino itself cannot be responsible for the connection stability. All live casinos do, however, use powerful servers that are more than capable of streaming live connections to multiple players.

Can I Have A Seat?

Being that live casinos require the croupier to interact directly with players, there are a limited number of seats available, depending on the game chosen. In the case of blackjack, a table may have only 9 seats. If you arrive at a table and a seat is not available, you will have to wait your turn, or find another table. Fortunately, many online casinos still allow you to place bets on currently occurring hands, meaning that you may still participate, even if not directly playing a game. Always keep in mind, when looking for an available seat, that maximum and minimum betting limits may be different between tables. It can be a shocking realisation to get a seat at a table, only to realise that the minimum betting limit is higher than you though it would be. Each table will clearly state what its betting limits are, so be sure to check them before taking a seat. If you are uncertain of what the betting limits are, you can always ask the croupier via the chat system. Remember to settle on a comfortable betting limit. A rule of thumb is that the minimum betting limit should be about 5% of your total funds.

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