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Advertisers Targeting Digital Streaming Devices

Voice activated ads are the future Source: Pixabay The advertising world is known for taking creative and interesting steps in an effort to hone in on particular target markets. From attention-grabbing billboards to adverts that are more comedy skit than commercial, there have been many notable efforts. But as the world changes and technology advances, advertisers must likewise keep innovating. At least if they hope to keep up with shifting trends. Advertising on traditional radio isn’t what it once was, given that many prefer to instead listen to their own personal choices in content. To be more specific, digital streaming is taking over. Many digital streaming services now allow personalised advertising. It’s a possibility that has only recently become available, but keen-eyed advertisers are already seeing the enormous potential. Voice activated devices that are capable of digitally streaming content are a new, untapped market. These include Google Home, the iOS Personal Assistant (Siri) and Amazon Echo.

Rise of Digital Audio Advertising

A recent published study, titled The Rise of the Digital Audio Advertiser, found that the vast majority of advertisers were planning on entering into the digital audio advertising system. And not just because streaming seems to be the new radio. Digital audio advertising of this sort has a number of benefits, making it far more effective than radio advertising of the traditional kind. But, of course, it is not just music that users stream from their voice activated streaming devices. Podcasts, talk shows, and other audio entertainment are streamed, and can all be utilised for digital advertising. But how exactly does audio advertising of this type work?

Inserting Audio Adverts on Command

Digital streaming is an advanced technology, extremely flexible in its nature. And given that the content being streamed may be manipulated at virtually any time, the advertising opportunities are immense. Information being streamed, assuming that it is stored and not live, can easily be altered on the fly, to incorporate an advertisement. Furthermore, the advert can be specifically personalised to the user.  As with Google Ads, the advert would be sent to a person who is already tagged as having an interest in the particular topic or product. This process can be done via an automated system, which means that if you have expressed an interest in a particular restaurant, liked a page of a specific casino on Facebook, or even Googled something like plastic surgery, the software’s algorithms would determine this, and play ads targeted at your specific demographic.

The Future is Digital Advertising

With most advertisers already expressing their interest in digital audio advertising of this kind, the future is set to see a massive increase in this type of commercial reach. It is simply a matter of time before it becomes significantly more common, and likely the norm. It remains to be seen how the public in general will react to this format of marketing. It also remains to be seen how digital audio content creators will respond, given that many of their services are currently advertisement-free. Either way, the future of digital audio advertising is here, and another indicator that we are indeed in an interesting new world.

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