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The Advantages Of VR Casino Games

The new kid on the gaming innovation block is of course Virtual Reality headsets. It’s been hinted at for many years but finally technology has caught up with the ideals set out by many developers and investors. We are entering an exciting new age of casino gaming. It is very enticing to think that soon you will be able to play top class casino games in an immersive virtual environment. Let’s take a look at why it is a great idea to get into VR gaming.

Big Players Have VR Stakes

There are some big industry players that are placing a lot of money into VR gaming development including Google, Facebook and HTC. With the backing of these tech industry giants, it is almost a sure thing that VR gaming will become a common sight in a short time.

Take Gaming To A New Level

What casinos have achieved with live dealer games is to bring a sense of excitement and interaction to the world of online casino gaming. VR gaming is aiming to take over the mantle and take live dealer games to an entirely new level. You will literally feel like you are at a real casino if you wear the VR headset and taking part in a live dealer game.

How VR Works

VR gaming works with a headset that features a special set of lenses and a display to create the illusion of a virtual, 3-dimensional world. The level of immersion attained from these headsets is quite breath-taking. Along with the headset covering the visual side of things you can also get a special handset that is motion tracked to emulate the movements you make in the real world on screen, so this would basically be your virtual hand that pulls the slot machine arm or places bets on the roulette table.

Affordable Options

If you cannot afford to invest in a dedicated VR headset, there are many budget options that can provide a comparable experience using your smartphone and a specially adapted headset. It is just as immersive as the standalone headsets and there are already many compatible games that you can enjoy. Some affordable options for using your mobile phone as a VR device for gaming include:

  • The Google Cardboard
  • The Samsung Gear VR
  • The Zeiss One
  • The Xiaomi Mi VR Play
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