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Adidas and Parley Join Forces

Brilliant Joint Initiative by Adidas and Parley It’s become a lot easier to get cynical over the state of our oceans, our ecosystems and ultimately, the world. A lot of our leaders are corrupt and partake in mudslinging, our industries are outdated yet refuse to budge and our daily news is so depressing, that we’re better off not reading it. There are so many social and political conspiracies at play and they’re stunting the growth of the human race. We’ve reached the point at which the strain we’re placing on the earth will be irreversible if we don’t change our ways. This writer doesn’t have the answers but I know a good cause when I see it and recently I came upon a joint initiative by Adidas and Parley, an environmentally conscious company that’s doing a lot to create awareness around the pitfalls of our continued use of plastic, and to implement real solutions to the problems.

A Brilliant Joint Initiative

Parley’s main focus is the ocean and rightly so. They’ve certainly got their ducks in a row in lieu of the way they see things. As their website states, ‘Parley is the space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans and collaborate on projects that end their destruction.’ In addressing the very real problems facing our oceans, Parley is ultimately addressing the problems facing our ecosystem. Problems that we as a species have created and have continued to perpetuate. Adidas, quick to support good initiatives, recently collaborated with Parley to update a classic pair of shoes from the 90s, only this time by using yarns made from waste plastic. Parley’s main aim is to spur other creatives on to repurpose ocean waste.

Over 1 Million Pairs Sold!

The collaboration between Adidas and parley has paid off and quite tremendously. After updating its 90s EQT Support ADV Sneaker, don’t feel bad if you have no idea what that means, Adidas and Parley proceeded to make the NMD-CS1 Parley Primeknit, and in total these shoes have shipped over a million pairs. EQT, ADV, NMD, I tell you, if you’re not a shoe guru then don’t beat yourself up for not knowing what this all means. It’s kind of like when you read the T&C’s for a sign-up bonus at an online casino. Quite frankly it makes my head hurt and at the end of it all, all I know is that I’ll have to wager X amount in order to cash out.

Keeping Plastic Out of the Ocean

With Parley, Adidas is working to keep plastic out of the ocean and transform it into high performance sporting equipment. Adidas has been quoted as saying that their intention is ‘Spinning the problem into a solution’. It’s high time that initiatives and collaborations like this take centre stage. More awareness and more success stories like this need to come into the spotlight. The need to go green should be stronger than ever. Regrettably, we’re not just up against ourselves and our old habits that die hard, we’re up against those who want our old habits to die hard and purely so that they can continue to cash checks in our name. The task is great, but so are the rewards. Image Sources: Pixabay

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