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Should You Activate Auto Play?

Most modern online slot machines have the auto play feature. This, in a nutshell, allows you to pre-select a certain number of spins that will then be played out automatically by the machine. Some slot machines give you the option of whether you wish to auto play 10, 100, or 1000 spins, but some machines only have a fixed number available, for example, 100 auto spins. When auto play is activated, you will have the chance to sit back and watch the action unfold automatically, without having to actually do anything. While this may sound great to some, auto play is not for everyone and should not necessarily be activated all the time. Here are some guidelines on when to activate auto play.

Reasons for Playing 

Before deciding whether or not to activate auto play, you should first consider your reasons for playing. If you are playing for the thrill of the game or learn the rules and inside tricks of a particular game, like video poker, for instance, then auto play may not be for you, as you will receive no such benefits. If, however you are playing simply for the rewards of the game and the primary goal is rack up the winnings, then auto play may be useful. It will not necessarily help you win, but it will allow you to do something else while the action unfolds, meaning, in essence, that you will have the chance to win cash and make earnings without actually playing the game!

A Large Jackpot

Another time when activating auto play might be useful is when there is a large progressive jackpot available. Playing in auto play is a lot faster than manual play, so you can attempt to get to the jackpot before anyone else does. Again, playing in auto play mode does not guarantee that you will win the jackpot, but it will certainly help you play faster, and when it comes to games like slots, the more you play, the greater your winning chances!

The Deciding Factor

If you really just care about the winnings or if you see a large progressive jackpot at stake, then by all means you can enable auto play. If, however, you really just want to relax and unwind and enjoy the game or if they need to keep a strict eye on your bankroll, then auto play is not for you. Having the best of both worlds available makes playing online even better and you can pick and choose what works for you!

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