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Improve Gambling Skills On Instagram

Instagram isn’t just for looking at pictures of pretty landscapes and people’s dinners—you can also use it to improve your gambling skills. There are lots of influential gamers and poker players who use the platform to share their experiences in the casino, as well as their outside lives. And if you learn a thing or two from their posts, you can practice turn your new skills into winnings on the mobile casino at Ruby Fortune. You won’t even have to put your phone down.

Learn from live streams

With streams on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram TV, you can see the pros in action, which can help you when it’s your turn to sit down at the table. @dougpolkpoker (Douglas Polk) is a poker player and contributor to, a resource for players who want to improve their game. He posts videos of poker tournaments that you can watch for tips, including some that are focused on playing online. @fedorholz is the account of Fedor Holz, an Austrian poker player who doesn’t just stop at poker. He also founded an app called Primed Mind (@primedmindapp) for motivation, sleep, and mindset coaching. His focus on having a sharp mind also makes him a great poker player. Check out his account for links to Twitch streams of his poker games, as well as Q&A sessions. @lexveldhuis is where you can keep up with Lex Veldhuis, a PokerStars Ambassador and poker player. He posts videos on Twitch and Instagram that show a stream of his online poker games that give a peek at his strategies and can help you learn new tricks.

Stay up on the latest tips and news

Check out these accounts if you’re looking for a glimpse at what’s new in the world of poker or want to learn some tricks from the masters through courses, graphics, or tips. Follow professional poker player, author, and content creator @Papigto (Joey Ingram) to stay up on the latest in poker news. He creates videos and podcasts full of poker know-how and news from the US capital of gambling, Las Vegas. You can find Maria Ho dressed to the nines and ready to win at @maria_ho. This pro poker player and TV host posts pics and videos of her slaying at the table and interviewing other players about their game. Check out her stories for content from events like the World Poker Tournament Final, the GPA awards, and charity events. @nathan79williams has the poker lifestyle figured out. This account is run by Nathan Williams, a best-selling poker author who spends the rest of his time on travel and fitness. He also provides a free “poker cheat sheet” that will put you on top with smart tips to help your game. He’s a big believer in not waiting for luck to help your game—or your life—but working hard to get where you want to be. @nanonoko (Randy Lew) is a competitive poker player who posts from games around the world. On his account, you can see shots from different competitions and see how he fared in each one, as well as his commentary on how he played. Sasha Liu, who posts as @pokersasha, gives you tips on how to bring your A-game to the table in her poker courses. She also plays in lots of different casinos, so if you’re looking for your next live poker destination, check out her thoughts on different places.

Get a glimpse of the lifestyle

If your game is already good, and you’re just waiting for your big break, you’ll enjoy seeing what life could look like with the glamorous lives of these internet personalities. Patrik Antonius, @patrik_antonius_official, is a professional poker player whose Instagram will get you inspired to step up your game. His posts show him travelling all around the world to play poker—and win. His posts come from London, Amsterdam, and Malta, where you can catch shots of him focused on the game…with a poker face we could all learn from. Dan Bilzerian (@DanBilzerian) is the ultimate internet gambling personality. His account might not give you much insight into how to play poker, but you can get a glimpse of what all those gambling winnings might get you, like girls, boats, and adventure.

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