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A to Z of Christmas Gift Ideas

A to Z of Christmas Gift Ideas Source: Pixabay If you're struggling to decide what to get for the special people in your life this year, your worries are over. The festive season is about thoughtful gifts, some cheap and cheerful and some worth the splurge, that show the recipients how much you love and appreciate them. Our A to Z list has that all wrapped up!

A is for Apple

The fruit variety costs just $1, and fits just as well in stocking toes as traditional oranges (or lumps of coal if you were naughty!) do. Alternatively, you can spend a little more and buy an Apple watch, iPhone X or any of Apple's other coveted gadgets.

B is for Bubbly

Nothing gets us into the Christmas spirit in quite the same way as Champagne and sparkling wine. Give the gift of extended fizz with a MiTBA Bottle Sealer, or make drinking even more pleasurable with some gorgeous flutes. High-end options include Cristofle's Graphik creations for about $210, while on the other end of the spectrum Toyful offers 50 gloriously glittering plastic flutes for less than $15.

C is for Cooking

If you're the one hosting the big Christmas dinner, let that be your gift to everyone. Tell friends and family all they need to do is show up and have a good time – hopefully armed with a present of equivalent value for you! You'll have to work hard for a day or two, but the feast at the end will be worth it!

D is for Deadpool

This is the perfect antidote to all the festive season specials that are on this time of year. The film adaptation of Marvel's cult hero is meta-aware and full of pun-tastic jokes. Give it to anyone whose sense of humour is a lot bitterer than Christmas cheer allows for.

E is for e-Bags

The durable and lightweight material of e-Bags makes them perfect for any serious travellers that you know. You're bound to find a bag to fit whatever need they might have, from the Portage Toiletry Kit to the Savvy Laptop Tote. Clever inside storage partitions and a range of bright colours make these easy-packing luggage solutions even more appealing.

F is For Frisbee Golf

Get the whole family involved with a starter pack of 9 discs plus a basket, from Trademark Innovations. There are 3 types of discs; Putters, Mid-Rangers and Drivers. Players throw the discs towards the basket, as they would hit a Golf ball towards a hole. They then move to wherever it landed, and make their next throw. Each disc is better for different purposes, in the same way that Golf clubs are, and the winner is the person who gets a disc into the basket with the least amount of throws.

G is for Gold

Any piece of gold jewellery will impress your significant other. If you're struggling to find your own inspiration, consider a piece from Cartier's legendary Just un Clou collection. The name is French for “Just a Nail” and the clever designs elevate the humble nail into gorgeous creations that are made from solid gold. This year, we're coveting the $6,800 yellow gold bracelet.

H is for Hot Sauce

A hot sauce gift set is a really fun addition to any kitchen. The Good Hurt Fuego by Thoughtfully Gifts comes with 7 different sauces, blended from flavours and peppers found all around the world. The heat level ranges from mild to blazing hot, so there should be something for everyone at the table. With the bottles packed like a stick of dynamite, this will also appeal to the lucky recipient's sense of humour.

I is for Ionizer

Who doesn't love being able to breathe purified air? This is a gift that keeps on giving, and at less than $75 the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator is a small price to pay for the points you'll score with whoever gets it. A low-energy, eco-friendly design makes it as kind to the environment as it is to your lungs.

J is for Jenga

Cheap, cheerful and perfect for after Christmas dinner. Everyone can play Jenga while they digest the mountains of food they just ate, and be entertained without having to call on too much brainpower!

K is for Keurig

Some would say this is an indulgence, but for coffee lovers, it is an absolute necessity! The classic Keurig K55 is programmable and makes one perfect cup at a time, so everyone can have their essential caffeine elixir in exactly the way they like it.

L is for Lego

Lego is most certainly not just for children! Over the years, some incredible sets have been created and enjoyed by young-at-heart adults – could anyone ever forget the impressive Lego Death Star? This year, you can save about $3 million and still give someone a Bugatti Chiron. The Lego Technic 42083 only costs around $350, and will deliver hours of fun.

M is for Massage

A voucher for a massage from a professional is always a thoughtful and appreciated present. You could also look at mini electric massagers, to offer some much-needed relief to workaholics who can usually be found tied to their desks. For our money, the PUREWAVE™ CM-07 Dual Motor Percussion + Vibration Therapy Massager is the best $125 you could spend on such an appliance. Recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors, its dual motor design packs a powerful punch. Don't forget to take some time for yourself this holiday season and indulge in top quality games of online slots, Blackjack, or even Roulette at Ruby Fortune Casino. You could win enough to buy every present on this list, all the way from A-Z! microgaming roulette

N is for Notebooks

There are so many gorgeous options, but our favourites have to be the various options by Moleskine. As the books that were used by Hemingway, Picasso and Van Gogh, they are favoured by writers and artists around the world. You can choose from a range of colours, sizes and papers, and can even personalise the covers to make them even more special.

O is for Old Things

Family heirlooms can be priceless, both in terms of monetary and sentimental value. If you just can't work out what to get someone, have a look through some of your own cherished treasures. You'll be gifting them with much more than an object – they'll value the sense of love, tradition and belonging so much more.

P is for Perfume

Almost any kind of scent is a sensational - or should we say scent-sational- present, but allow us to recommend starting with Tom Ford's latest offering, Lost Cherry. Turkish Rose and other seductive flowers are blended with notes of ripe cherries. The fragrance itself is irresistible, and the packaging that it comes in is seasonably red.

Q is for Quality Time

Nothing is more precious than spending time together. Experience tells us this is true, and research backs up the claim. An evening in watching your favourite movies, a walk in the park, a picnic or anything else is often worth more than material things. Make a personalised voucher explaining what you'll be doing, to add a sense of fun to your meaningful gesture.

R is for Roomba

For many people, life is too short to waste time vacuuming. If you know anybody that this statement does not apply to, once they've tried the iRobot Roomba range, it definitely will. These adorable little vacuum cleaners are Wi-Fi-compatible, and they connect to Alexa.

S is for Sweets

Traditional Christmas fare for children, but you can get some seriously adult versions too! Toblerone and Lindt in all their forms always work well, and liqueur chocolates like the Dark Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur Italian Butter Cream Candies from Scott's Cakes are, for many people, the best of all worlds.

T is for Tea … and Tree

The healing power of tea tree oil is well known, so the Body Shop's gift set is the perfect skin-care starter pack. The 3-in-1 wash, scrub and mask, plus the Anti-Imperfection Daily Solution liquid, will get anyone's complexion through Christmas.

U is for Umbrella Stand

If you need to get a gift for someone whose home is impossibly stylish already, this is it. At almost $1800 the hand-lacquered stand by Fornasetti is not cheap, but it will last forever and guarantees a lifetime of compliments.

V is for Vuitton

First name Louis, of course. If you have enough spare cash you can splurge on a luggage set, but you can also give a little bit of luxury with a key ring, set of coasters a mouse pad, Christmas tree decorations, and all kinds of other little trinkets and treats. Check the luxury brand’s website for the full list of goodies.

W is for Whiskey Stones

Whiskey stones are a great way to keep any beverage cool, without worrying about ice dilution. The Outset Chillware selection of 9 geometric stones in black granite is especially stylish, sells for under $15, and stays cold longer than ice!

X is for Xbox One

The console, or a game, works just as well! Have a look at some of the new releases, including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Just Cause 2, and prepare for the teenagers or other avid gamers in your life to love you forever.

Y is for Yoghurt Maker

Controlling the taste, calories and e-numbers of the yoghurt they eat will help whoever you give this to enjoy a healthier 2019. Gourmia offers a great selection of price points and sizes, so you'll easily be able to find one that is the perfect fit.

Z is for Zippo

But not to light cigarettes with! Get someone the refillable Zippo hand warmer so they can stay both toasty and stylish all Yuletide long. Retailing for about $11 in a variety of colours, it's a practical and very thoughtful stocking filler.

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